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The Lens Day challenge for this week is Blossom.  How fortunate that I bought two bouquets of tulips the other day.

Pink and Yellow Tulip Bouquet for blog

They were on sale for $5 a bunch and I knew I wanted two bunches but I had the hardest time deciding on the color.

Pink and Yellow Tulips for blog

I finally went with one pink and one yellow and I love the combination of the two.

Pink Tulip with a White Background for blog

The pink speaks to my girl-y side.

Yellow Tulip Petals for blog

And the yellow speaks to my yearning-for-spring side.

Pink Tulip Center for blog

And the whole thing just makes me happy. Tulips are good for the soul.

Tulip Stem for blog

And really fun to photograph. Perhaps even a little addictive.

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  1. Very pretty shots. I especially like the close-up inside the tulip. I cannot wait for the first signs of tulips peeking out from the earth. Until then, I may need to buy some as well.

  2. I agree with Jill. That close up is particularly beautiful. Isn’t it cool that the stamen (is that a stamen?) is triangular? I don’t think there are a lot of triangles in nature. A nice contrast to the snnwstorm outside my window here in NYC.

  3. Gorgeous photos, they just say “spring”!

    I agree with you that there’s something about photographing tulips – last spring I went to my grandma’s house and took hundreds of pictures of her tulip beds. And the greatest thing is that tulips never start whining, “Are we done yet? The sun’s in my eyes! I’m tired! ” 😀

  4. Love tulips! Trucchi’s didn’t have any yesterday when I went, or I’d have a bunch on my table. The pink & yellow go great together, very ‘Spring is coming!’

  5. So cheerful and pretty! Thank you.

    We’ll know you’re addicted when you post photos of WILTED tulips…

  6. is there a thousand times love button anywhere?
    oh I simply adore these photos!!
    thanks so much.

    you should make prints and do a row of tulip photos along a wall.. sooooo lovely.

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