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Cream Puff Day Again

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You may know yesterday as Valentine’s Day but if you’ve been around this blog a while then you know, in our house, it’s Cream Puff Day. You can read the whole story here.

Plate of  Cream Puffs resized for blog

Luckily I was feeling a bit energized yesterday and was able to whip up 2 batches of the little devils in the morning. That’s one batch for us (which really means Dale) and one batch for his dad.

Cream Puffs resized for blog

Normally Dale is not one for over-the-top stuff. When we eat chips ‘n dip he puts very little dip on his chip. Cheese ‘n crackers is always a small smear of cheese for him. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have so little peanut butter I don’t think they should even be legal. But cream puffs? When it comes to cream puffs he is always urging me to stuff in more cream.  He has said for years that cream puffs are really just an excuse to eat whipped cream.

And he did. And it was good. Happy Cream Puff Day!

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  1. Glad that you were able to rally enough to carry on your tradition.
    Do take it easy tho… for this season’s sickness tends to linger.

  2. Do you think Dale’s family would mind if you shared the recipe, hint hint? I’d love to try them… 🙂

  3. What a lovely tradition and creampuffs. My mom made them when I was little – big ones!. She filled hers with vanilla pudding, conf sugar sprinkled on top. When I grew up, I filled mine with chocolate pudding – choc lover, me! Then we started filling them with chicken, cheese and ham salads for showers, wedding receptions, etc. (I made 300 for a friend’s reception, we ran out). No one can eat just one, can they? Have to ask, do you use a wooden spoon to mix them?
    Enjoy. Do they freeze filled?

  4. Now THAT is a tradition much of my family would approve of. What a sweet story, and how good of you to continue the tradition.

  5. Every year I see those cream puffs and every year I drool over them. I’m with Dale…you can never have too much whipped cream. 😉

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