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Valentine Sugar Cookies

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So I got it in my head that I wanted to try baking and decorating some sugar cookies. This first started at Christmas but life (and Christmas!) got in the way. Last week, though, I got to thinking about it again. A lot. So, despite my pneumonia and bronchitis, I decided to give it a shot.

Big Pink Cookie Heart

I managed to decorate 5. The others are just plain and they are staying that way. Good thing I don’t get paid by the piece.

Purple Cookie Heart Edge

Truly, this is difficult. Just getting the icing into the decorator bags makes a mess!

Big Pink Cookie Lips

And then the edges bled when I tried to flood the cookies.

Plaid Cookie Flower

I did better when I gave up on the whole flooding thing and just went for pretty designs, like swirls and plaids.

Pink Cookie Heart Edge

I guess, in the end, they looked pretty good and I know they tasted pretty delicious.

It was a learning experience, that’s for sure. I think I’ll try this again when I don’t have pneumonia. Ya know?

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  1. They’re beautiful! I made my fav sugar cookie recipe with Royal icing for the first time. I didn’t have a pastry bag or tips and my food coloring supply consisted of blue,green and yellow. The valentine cookies were plain white and frosted with a knife. They still were a hit and pretty yummy. How did you make those lovely teardrops?

  2. Pneumonia! Jeez, you really did get knocked down – cookies can definitely wait (though they are lovely). Get well soon!

  3. Carole, those turned out beautifully. I asked my mom about runny frosting, and she said to refrigerate the bag once the frosting is inside for about an hour. Makes it stay put more better. [I know, good English, huh?]
    If you start now, you can be ready for Halloween cookies. 🙂

  4. The few you did are beautifully done! You look like you’re quite practiced, just a bit shaky from illness. When I’m sick I just make excuses and do nothing. You create!!

  5. Very ambitious for a sick girl (or a healthy one, for that matter!). Pneumonia is not nice and does require weeks to recover. Don’t expect more than five cookies from any of the activities you set out to accomplish – at least for a while. Slow and easy wins the race.

  6. You did a lovely job on them. Cookie decorating gene never made it to me!

    And, you did this while sick – that’s even more impressive!

  7. I don’t make decorated cookies when I’m healthy, so props to you for attempting them while you were so sick! They came out beautiful … I especially like the bright pink w/ the white swirly hearts.

  8. These cookies are (almost) too beautiful to eat. They look as professional (what’s a professional cookie?) as the ones around the corner at Hi Rise — and they have to have cost less to make! Do get well — and ice more cookies!

  9. I’m so sorry about the illnesses. The cookies are so pretty! I always think cutout cookies are too much work even without the frosting, so my hat is off to you!

  10. They look beautiful AND yummy…. gee, I sure hope you are starting to feel better. This has been a long haul for you, and pretty severe illnesses. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Those are really pretty. I love decorating cookies. I made some for the kids to decorate during the holidays but I was very jealous of all the kids and wanted to do some myself. The only problem is that if i made them then I’d eat them too.

  12. point me at your icing recipe, pls. I have some sugar cookie dough in the oven that was meant to be baked on V-day, but we were all too tired. I want something that dries not-sticky so I don’t spend the next week scrubbing frosting off walls, floor and couch.

  13. Love the hearts on the heart – get better soon, okay? Don’t make me come over there…

    p.s. using ziploc bags for royal icing is way easier than trying to use a bag, put the icing in and snip a corner and viola! good to go.

  14. those are some very cool looking cookies! much better than any of my attempts at decorating. too bad pretty cookies aren’t a cure for pneumonia and bronchitis, eh?

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