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I’ve Looked At Clouds From Both Sides Now

Because I’m writing this post on Sunday and it’s beautiful and I want to be outside and because I think word clouds are cool, here is a word cloud of my blog.

word cloud

Cool, huh? You can make your own word cloud here.

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  1. Very cool in such springy colors! Glad to see that “good” outweighs “bad”. 🙂

  2. Very fun! I have my students use Wordle to introduce themselves to one another in the fall. Similar but it doesn’t make a heart. The heart is WAY cooler! Happy Monday, Carole.

  3. Fun. But what is Microsoft Silverlight? It says I have to install that on my computer. SCARED. Not gonna do it. So I tried a different word cloud site, and it was disappointing. Not even a Mr. Jefferies in the word list. They seem to go back only one or two entries, rather than do a comprehensive word cloud of the whole blog. Which, in my case, I realize would be a Herculean task, but still. It’d be nice to see something rather than just the last entry or two. 🙂

  4. This is Hardy Leung, and I made Tagxedo (I came here via a Twitter link). I like the heart shape very much. Thank you for sharing!

    Since the link goes directly to the application, your reader may not have the chance to see what you can do with Tagxedo. I highly recommend checking out the gallery (no Silverlight installation is needed):

    There are tons of images there (all created with Tagxedo), and I’m sure some of the audience here might like it.

    Re: Microsoft Silverlight. It is an up-and-coming Microsoft technology that is already installed on close to 60% of internet-connected computers so it’s pretty good and safe. I hope you find it worthwhile to download.

  5. Apparently you read Lifehacker, too? (Or boingboing or Gizmodo; I don’t remember which one featured Tagsedo.) Great cloud!

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