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In The Garden

I love my perennial garden at this time of year. Everything is green and growing and full of promise.

perennial garden spring 2010

The day lilies haven’t grown out of control yet.

Violets, Sweet Violets

And the violets are doing beautifully filling in among the iris shoots.

Red Tulip Center

The tulips are open wide to the sun.

Raindrops on Daffodils

And the daffodils collect the refreshing spring rain.

Grape Hyacinth

The grape hyacinths are doing their grape hyacinth thing.

Ground Phlox resized for blog

And the ground phlox (a Mother’s Day gift from my mom on my first Mother’s Day in 1993) is producing it’s sweet little blossoms.

I just love my perennial garden this time of year.

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  1. A nice collection of perennials you have! Your daylilies will be popping soon- the variety you have (lilioasphodelus aka lemon lily) are the earliest to bloom btw. I love the purple eye zone on your phlox- so pretty as an individual blossom.

  2. Ah, your spring is enviable. I love the fact that your phlox was given to you by your mom on Mother’s Day. What a smile maker they must be!

  3. Lots of nice flowering there! We are still a few weeks behind you but much further along than we usually are this time of year. 🙂

  4. Simply beautiful 🙂 I’m slowly growing a perennial garden … a job made much harder by the fact that the front of my house is full shade, argh! But I did spy a blossom on my bleeding hearts yesterday!!

  5. Gorgeous! I must make some time this weekend to look around my yard!! I think things are a little ahead over there… I can see the bloodroot from my bedroom window, but there must surely be other stuff happening!

  6. It’s so beautiful, Carole! Spring is the best time in our yard, too. I love the contrast of the violets and iris shoots.

  7. Beautiful garden Carole. That is awesome that your mom got you the phlox – what a great memory for Mothers Day.

    I can’t believe your Hyacinths haven’t bloomed yet. Ours have bloomed and are on the way to wilty-ville. Same with our daffodils.

  8. I love watching where the grape hyacinths decide to appear each year. We also have some roving Johnny-jump-ups.

  9. LOVE your little garden…

    Have the violets wandered yet? Or do you have them well contained? I think it’s such fun to suddenly come upon them in the grass….

  10. So pretty – I just love the spring flowers. Such a nice surprise every year, even though we know they’ll come eventually.

  11. I LOVE the fragrance of P. divaricata. It takes me back to the woodland garden in the back yard of the farm where I lived until I was 10 (my great-grandfather bought the farm from the guy who first homesteaded the land).

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