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Ten On Tuesday

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The topic this week is 10 Favorite iPhone Apps. I’ve chosen this for very selfish reasons – I want to know what apps my friends are using! I’m hoping that the 10 on Tuesday participants who don’t have iPhones will find a way to adapt this to their needs. Okay, here are my 10 favorite apps:

  1. Facebook. I just can’t be without my Facebook hook up.
  2. SplashShopper. This is great for grocery lists, travel lists, book and movie lists and so much more.
  3. TipCalculator. I use mine a lot, especially if I’m figuring a tip after a martini or two.
  4. AroundMe. Great app for finding restaurants, ATMs, movie theaters – anything you might need when you don’t know where you are.
  5. Flickr. Not only can you upload directly to flickr but it has a very cool way of turning photos into videos.
  6. Hipstamatic. I blame this on Gale. It’s addicting.
  7. iBird Plus. The most expensive app I’ve ever bought but worth every penny if you’re into birding at all.
  8. PowerLyrics. Start this up while a song is playing and all those words you couldn’t understand suddenly become clear.
  9. Sushipedia. The biggest problem with this one is that it makes me want sushi every day.
  10. Words with Friends. Lots of fun but the games seem to drag on forever. I’m hoping future updates will improve this online scrabble type game.

Those are mine. What are yours?

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  1. Oh man I am sooo jealous – I want an I-Phone but am locked into a Verizon plan. Hopefully next year Verizon will have the I-Phone available.

  2. Great list! I’ll have to do mine after work. I couldn’t find PowerLyrics in the app store- just Icy Lyrics. Do you have a link?

  3. Words with Friends, pay version is better.
    Evernote for keeping different files together.
    Photoshop and iBlogger for mobile blogging.
    iGoggle for almost everything.
    Facebook for sure.
    Fedex for tracking.
    Thanks for your hints.

  4. I just got Hipstamatic last week and LOVE it!
    In the totally useless but fun category: Spin Art, it makes me feel like I’m 8 years old again.

  5. Alas, I am not one of the cool kids. We have iProducts everywhere in our home with the exception of phones. Darn Verizon!

  6. I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have a ‘droid from T-mobile. I will have to cross-check a few of those apps to see if they have an equivalent for my phone! I love my Weight Watchers tracker (with a points calculator built in), pandora, Coloroid, jewels, and (of course) facebook!

  7. Pandora for music
    NPR for news and more music, and you can tune into ANY NPR station
    Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food and Whole Foods for recipes and grocery lists
    MenuPages, Urban Spoon, and Yelp for deciding where to eat
    Kindle for iPhone. So, I really thought I’d never use this one, but I just read an ENTIRE book on my phone and now I’m a total convert. It’s not exactly comfortable to sit for long periods of time and read, but it’s good for 20-40 minutes which makes it perfect for reading while commuting or waiting rooms.

  8. I like Grocery IQ – helps me manage my lists
    Pandora for music of course
    Google Maps for not getting lost
    Open Table for reservations
    Urban Spoon and Yelp for finding restaurants
    and Fake Conversations was briefly entertaining

  9. Verizon. My iPod Touch has Twitterific, Plurk, Couch to 5K, WW, Betty Crocker recipes, Weather Channel
    Thinking of getting a Droid

  10. Can’t believe no one has mentioned Bejeweled yet!! There has to be others out there as addicted as I am. BigSpinSlots and Lineup are also favorites. I should be knitting instead of playing games!

  11. stitchminder
    iknit needle sizer
    yardage calculator
    free books
    kindle for iphone
    free wi-fi locator
    Don’t use other apps as much as my husband and kids!

  12. Glad youlike the Hipsta, now you need to try Swankolab to process the images from the Hipstamatic . I feel like your drug dealer.

    my other faves:
    iGoogle with the voice activated search
    TripIt- keeps track of you travel arrangements/reservations/dates etc
    Lose It – calorie counter. Never eating a DD bagel again, ever.
    WordWarp (quick free word game)
    Flood -It – Just try it, you will hate me but its so fun. Great for killing a minute or two or waiting. I try to tell myself its good for my brain, its a color exercise.

  13. You do words with friends too??? what’s your user name and we’ll play. I love that one!

    check out Path Pix
    Koi Pond (great for falling asleep background noise)
    Solebon (enless number of Solitaire game)
    Whole Foods (fabulous recipes)
    Wine Steward (tracks wines you like)
    Shazam (finds what music is that is playing)
    Camera Zoom

    love me my iphone!

  14. I have a Droid, so:

    1. Google Sky Map: hold up or down, it lets me know what everything in the sky is. It’s mesmerizing!

    2. Seesmic: Keeps me connected to Twitter 24/7

    3. Facebook: see #2 but insert Facebook

    4. Maps: That’s Google maps with complete GPS directions for driving and walking. Loved it in CA!

    5. FlightStats: my loved ones have been flying a lot lately, and this lets me know where they are

    6. TV Guide: automatically finds me by GPS wherever I am, and tells me what’s on. Handy because I travel a lot.

    7. Tip Calculator: Refer to Carole’s #3

    8. Alarm Clock: I use this surprisingly often, like letting me know when I can take off the Crest White Strips.

    9. USA Today: keeps me up to speed on news

    10. see #6

    And, I didn’t pay for a single one of them!

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