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Ten On Tuesday

Macro Pussy Willows resized for blog

The topic this week is 10 People You’d Like To Interview. I don’t think there are any surprises on my list.

  1. President Obama. Not only our current president but also the first black president. I’d love to sit down and talk to him.
  2. Oprah Winfrey. A chance to turn the tables on the queen of interviewing? Absolutely!
  3. Whoopi Goldberg. I just think she’s got great a great way of looking at things.
  4. Senator Scott Brown. The first thing I’d ask him is if he knows who his constituents really are.
  5. Annie Leibovitz. Mostly I’d ask her about all those famous people she has photographed. Oh, and what camera equipment to buy.
  6. Jimmy Buffett. He ad libs a lot at his concerts. I want to know how much of that he plans in advance.
  7. Bill and Hillary Clinton. Lots of questions for both of them.
  8. Steve Jobs. I know a lot of you would want me to ask him about the iPhone and Verizon.
  9. James Cameron. A mind that can create a world like the one in Avatar would certainly make for a fascinating interview.
  10. Lady Gaga. How does she get her hair to be shaped like a bow, anyway?

It’s an eclectic bunch but that’s not surprising!

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  1. Love that photo! I’d like to interview most of your people too (especially Steve Jobs – I received an offer for an early upgrade from Verizon last week and I’m *certain* that means a Verizon iPhone is in the making and they’re trying to get people to upgrade early so they can make more money! I’m not falling for it!) ;o)

  2. Interesting list.

    It’s fake hair that’s made into that shape (or any other shape really) and sprayed to hell and back to stay that way. Then they pin it to her head. You’re so cute.


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