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Ten On Tuesday

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This week’s topic is 10 Places That Make You Happy. I have lots of happy places and I go to them as often as I can!

  1. My living room. This is my where I spend my time in the winter – the woodstove is cranking and the candles are glowing and it’s the coziest place I know.
  2. My bed. Dale and I will be married 13 years next month and climbing into our bed together at the end of a long day is still my favorite moment of the day. It definitely makes me happy.
  3. The beach. I mostly go to Cape Cod beaches but I’ll take a beach in the tropics, too.
  4. The mountains. Okay, Margene’s mountains, please. I have been oh-so-happy every time I’ve been there.
  5. My office at the library. It’s yellow and cheerful and decorated with a quilted wall hanging I made and pictures of my family and I feel happy (and proud) when I’m there.
  6. My deck. This is the flipside of the living room in the winter. In the summer it’s all about the deck and knitting and watching the hummingbirds. Definitely a happy place.
  7. My friends houses. I love visiting friends, those near and those far. I am always happy at the home of a friend.
  8. T.J. Smith’s. This is the restaurant where our Kiwanis meetings are held. The bartender, Julie is a dear friend, and it’s like my very own Cheers – where everybody knows my name. We’ll be taking prom pictures there this coming Friday.
  9. A yarn shop. I don’t really have one I consider my own but any yarn shop makes me happy.
  10. Traveling with Dale. I know this isn’t really a place but I’m happy to go anyplace with my guy so I’m counting this as my #10.

I hope you all find a happy place today!

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  1. A very happy list, indeed. I do think a person’s level of contentness contributes to the happiness of the place!

  2. Love your happy list. #10 is the car. I remember you saying on the blog a few years back that you love having Dale drive you places. 🙂

  3. “My” mountains are pretty wonderful, but a favorite memory of mine was sleeping under your wonderful quilts.

  4. 1. My room (which I spent most of last week reorganizing and will probably blog about later today).
    2. My car – the ever so cute Scion XB with the incredibly comfortable seats.
    3. Nashville – everything about it, friends, history, breakfast at Noshville, dinner at Sunset Grill, drinks at Tootsie’s in between.
    4. My local library.
    5. Yarnmarket – was there for the first time a couple weeks ago and omgoodness what a wonderful, friendly place!
    6. My end of the couch – when Wilbur’s snoozing on his end.

    If I’d had more coffee, I’m sure I could come up with a few more… 🙂

  5. The places may be different, but the end result is always the same … anyplace where you feel happy is a favorite place 🙂

  6. What a great list…. I don’t comment often enough, but I love your blog. I always enjoy my cup of coffee while reading it.

  7. Wow…. your happy list is so happy that it perked up my day.

    That and the picture at the top of the post. That looks so YUMMY!

    Thanks for the Happy!

  8. I love your list. And I agree with Jill, your lists are very upbeat and I like that a lot.

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