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Ten On Tuesday

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On Sunday Hannah and I went to see a musical at our local high school. We had a great time and it inspired me to come up with this week’s topic : 10 Favorite Musicals.

  1. Hello, Dolly. That’s the one we saw on Sunday and it truly is one of my favorites. There is some really great music in this one.
  2. The Music Man. You had to see this coming, what with Marian the Librarian and all.
  3. Les Miserables. I’ve seen it 4 times but I would still go again if they brought it back.
  4. Grease. I actually like the movie better than the stage production.
  5. The Sound of Music. The hills are alive, baby.
  6. West Side Story. It’s bleak and depressing but it’s a classic.
  7. Spamalot. I laughed through the entire show. So funny and so entertaining!
  8. Jesus Christ Superstar. Okay, so technically it’s a “rock opera” but I’m counting it.
  9. Man of La Mancha. Isn’t it about time to revive this one?
  10. My Fair Lady. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, you know.

That was easy and fun, too. And now I’ve got about eleventy-million songs running through my head. I bet you do, too. No need to thank me. You are welcome!

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  1. When I was a kid we had recordings of all the Broadway shows. We loved Guys and Dolls, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, South Pacific…on and on and we’d sing and dance to each one for hours.

  2. My daughter did Rent (the high school version) this past weekend and all I keep hearing is songs from the show! When will it end?

    I agree with Grease – loved the movie way more.

  3. Great list! Loved Les Mis. Like you, I saw it several times. I listen to the CD often as well. We went to see Little Shop of Horrors with our girls a couple of years ago. So much fun!

  4. My Dad took me to see ‘Hello Dolly’ on Broadway when I was little, it’s one of my best memories 🙂 I’ve also seen Oklahoma, pretty good. My favorite of all, though, is ‘Phantom of the Opera’ (yeah, yeah, opera schmopera). I wanted to see Starlight Express, but never got the chance. I’d love to see Les Mis if it comes around again. Great list!

  5. My list would be very similar. I’d have to add Phantom of the Opera, Secret Garden, Miss Saigon… where do I stop! I don’t think I could limit myself to 10. Haven’t seen Spamalot or Man from La Mancha. However, Impossible Dream is a song that is unforgettable!

  6. When I was a girl my father took me into Town (Washington D.C.) to see Pearl Bailey and Cab Calloway in Hello Dolly. It was magical. We also saw Camelot with Julie Andrews When I turned 13 we made the trip to New York to see How to Suceed in Business Without Really Trying…good memories.

  7. 1. ALL of the Gene Kelly ones, but especially Singin’ In the Rain (that takes up most of the list, right?)!
    2. Oliver! – Dad took me to see it when I was in 6th grade. It was one of those great dad-and-daughter days.
    3. Rocky Horror Picture Show – Does this count as a musical? I love all the songs in this one – even have the score for keyboard and guitar!
    4. Camelot – Discovered this one in 8th grade, bought the Broadway album and played it to death that one summer.
    5. Paint Your Wagon – Yup, the cheesy, movie version with Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin, nether of whom can sing a note. I love it!
    6. The Sound of Music – I love the music. The movie…not so much…

  8. Carousel? Love the songs, but a recent rewatching reminded me that there is spousal abuse. Had forgotten about that. And Grease? How come Sandy has to change at the end to get with her boyfriend? I object!

  9. Great list! But I will NOT thank you for those songs spending so much time in my head today…

  10. Great list. I almost put Hello Dolly on mine in a fit of nostalgia for the one High School production I took part in.

  11. … and Bye Bye Birdie, Milk & Honey, Jacques Brel, Cats, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, Man of LaMancha (NY and British), andonandonandon…

  12. adding to that already great list is Brigadoon,Phantom of the Opera, and good ol’ Camelot………. I was in every single musical I could be in during highschool.
    Love your peonies photo – they look about ready to pop open!

  13. My best college roommate was a music major who specialized in musical theater and has stayed in theater, doing a tour in Florida right now. She used to practice tap up on her desk (I moved it away from the window!) and when she showered she sang, one of those big gang showers in the center of the dorm — filled the building with the most beautiful soprano voice. When she graduated from high school her parents gave her the COMPLETE set of musicals on records. It took up most of her closet at school and was a treasure trove!

    I love a lot of musicals, but South Pacific will always be my favorite because a bunch of us were hired by the high school in the next county to play in their pit orchestra. Our clarinetist was old enough to drive so we piled our instruments and selves into his mom’s station wagon and we drove off and had the time of our lives (on school nights!). They had a superb music program but not a complete orchestra — we supplied cello, clarinet, trumpet, and a few other instruments. What joy!

  14. Our house has become Musical Theater Central over the last several months. We’ve been to see Wicked last year, Singin’ in the Rain, & Oliver! at a local community theater in the last couple of months, then my daughter got the lead in her school musical of Annie. (and I keep hoping that the sun will come out tomorrow. I’m tired of the rain!)

    The one that I don’t see on your list that I absolutely love is Brigadoon. OK, anything with Gene Kelly in it.

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