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Senior Prom

As promised, I have photos of Hannah’s Senior Prom. Lots and lots of photos. I took about 150 but I whittled it down to 12 for you. Hope nobody is on dial-up anymore! Anyway . . .
Hannah and Rob Gazebo full length blog size

Here’s my girl and her best buddy Rob. His vest and tie matched her dress so perfectly.

Hannah seated on bench 2 blog size

Speaking of the dress, Lois did a fabulous job once again. Not only does this save me a boat load of money but Hannah winds up with just what she wants and there is no worry that anyone else at the prom will be wearing the same dress.

Accessories blog size

She had awesome accessories with lots of sparkly bracelets, a sparkly ring and of course, a beautiful wrist corsage. I couldn’t decide who she reminded me of more: Carrie Bradshaw, Barbie, or Tinkerbelle dipped in Pepto Bismol.

THE Shoes again blog size

And then those shoes. I hear she kept them on through dinner but they came off right after so that she could dance. 5 inch heels are not made for dancing.

The Hairdo blog size

The Lady Gaga bow was nixed for a more traditional up do and honestly, her hair was lovely, thanks to our hairdresser, Tammy.

Hannah and Rob are pumped blog size

I just love this photo. Hannah and Rob are such great friends and they really enjoyed being together. This one shows just how relaxed she was, as compared to last year’s junior prom when she was nervous about the Grand  March and all that pressure of walking across the stage.

The Whole Group blog size

Here’s the whole gang of kids – lots of beauties there!

Taylor, Hannah, Gianna and Erin full length blog size

And Hannah with her best friends, Taylor, Gianna and Erin. I feel as sentimental about these girls graduating as I do about my own daughter’s graduation. It just doesn’t seem possible that they are all grown up!

The Party Bus blog size

They all went together on this Party Bus, owned and operated by a good friend of ours. I have to tell you, it was worth every penny knowing that they were in safe hands.

Party Bus Kids blog size

And it’s so cool inside! It had a laser show and we stocked the fridge full of soda and water for the kids. It was spacious and comfortable and Hannah made a play list for her iPod and I think they really enjoyed the ride to and from the prom.

After Prom Camp Out Setup blog size

They came back to our house for the night, arriving around 11:30. We fired up the grill and they ate burgers and dogs, and lots of snacks. I gave up and went to bed at 1 but Dale stayed up longer and told them scary stories. I think they all finally crashed around 3:30. This photo, of course, was taken Saturday morning but I thought you’d enjoying seeing our Civil War/Prom set up.

After Prom Breakfast blog size

Finally, here they all are after devouring the breakfast I made them on Saturday morning. These kids can eat, I’ll tell you that! A pound of potatoes, 2 pounds of bacon, 16 eggs, 18 pancakes (some blueberry and some chocolate chip) and a gallon of orange juice was gone in the blink of an eye.

And that’s our prom story. The kids had a great time and we did, too. Sure, it was tiring and expensive but it was worth every effort and every penny for that extra special moment when Hannah hugged me and said, “Thanks, Mom. This was perfect.”

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  1. Hannah looked beautiful – love the dress, shoes, hair, etc. I agree with her – it sounds like a “perfect” night!

  2. What a wonderful post, and a wonderful bunch of kids! I love, love, love the dress and your darling daughter in it.

  3. It was a day they’ll all remember. Hannah looks very sweet, sassy and beautiful! She’s an individual, too as she wore the short dress. It really stood out as unique. Hannah is awesome! You are one awesome parent. What a treat for you all.

  4. Lovely post! Beautiful kids! She was smart to wear a shorter dress so that shedding the 5 inch heels wouldn’t be an issue. Glad things turned out so well and they all had a good time.

  5. Gulp. What a success story. Gives a girl with a temperamental sixteen year old some hope. Hannah looked AMAZING. The dress was so festive and the shoes couldn’t have been more perfect. Kudos to Mom and Dad!

  6. What a great time! I really love the camping after prom idea. Hannah and all her friends looked so lovely. You’re a great and fun mom!

  7. Hannah looked absolutely lovely! Sounds like she had a lot of fun too, which is the important thing!!

  8. Hannah is so beautiful, and her happiness just jumps out of the computer screen – what a wonderful post to start my day with!!! Big props to you and Dale for giving Hannah and her friends a prom they will always remember!!!

    Oh…those shoes…I never wear anything with more than a 1″ heel…but those shoes are just to die for! As is the dress…and the lovely young lady wearing it. 🙂

  9. Those shoes are really something! (Aside – I wonder if my younger has kept her prom shoes which cost an arm and a leg?) Pink and black – very 50’s. It’s so much fun to relive this stuff through your photos and commentary – thanks!

  10. Look at what a fantastic time they’re all having, and how wonderful everyone looks! A magical day to be sure.

  11. Hannah looks spectacular. Whoever picked her corsage out did a wonderful job of matching the dress. Did they all stay overnight at your house? You and Dale deserve a medal for courage and going beyond the call of duty!!
    My DD’s prom is this Saturday and her and her friends have no idea where the picture party is, where the after party is etc. I hope they get their act together.
    Has Hannah decided on a college? I don’t remember reading what the final decision was…..

  12. Hannah was gorgeous (Mackenzie insists she looked most like Barbie!), and you are such a fantastic Mom for going all-out! Love all the pics, and can I admit that I choked up at your last sentence??

  13. AMAZING story Carole! Hannah looked stunning and you and Dale really helped make their very special event even more memorable! That’s a good bunch of kids right there!


  15. That smile of Hannah’s tells the whole story. The culmination of a successful childhood filled with love and laughter.

  16. Compliments to you and your husband for being great and
    responsible parents and compliments on your successful overnight and breakfast. Looks like everyone had a wonderful
    time, and Hannah and her dress are beyond words!

  17. She looks beautiful! I wore a pink poofy dress like that to my prom! I felt so gorgeous!
    And good job to you and your husband for hosting the kids after-party! My parents were never brave enough!

  18. OMG they all look GREAT! So. beautiful. (Yes, including the guys.) Hannah looks especially splendid. I love that dress! And the killer shoes. You would not catch me in those shoes. (Although I’d be nearly as tall as Grant, which would be an interesting experience.)

  19. Oh, how wonderful!! Just gorgeous.

    (I can’t tell you how much I love the “Civil War/Prom” photo!)

  20. She looked wonderful. It looks like a perfect prom from start to finish. The stuff that really happy memories are made of.

  21. They are all so beautiful!!!! I want to be a mom like you when I grow up! (Which–prom wise, is only about 8 years away–gulp!)

  22. Great post – Loved the photos – and you guys did a great job with the after prom party…and sleep-over. Congrats on being able to keep up with the kids!!! Hannah will treasure these memories –

  23. Oh, that’s awesome. My favorite proms were the ones spent with lots of friends. So glad Hannah and all her friends had fun.

  24. And since you only do Senior Prom ONCE? Pfffftt on the money!
    FABULOUS!!! So great to see how happy they all are!
    (oh my those shoes…)

  25. Wonderful! I am a small-town person in the Midwest, but it seems to me that kids/parents, especially on the East or West Coast, can spend A LOT! more on prom night/weekend than you did. Fancy-schmancy restaurants before, fancy-schmancy hotels after, and probably even more fancy-schmancy stuff than I can imagine. Your prom arrangements sound perfect, just like Hannah said 🙂

  26. Congrats on pulling off such a fab event. Hannah looked stunning and will have such great memories of the event.

  27. perfect is right! what a fabulous prom event and party afterwards! SOOOOO much better than what most kids have. You and Dale really know how to make it wonderful for the kids.. applause applause!

  28. Your daughter looked beautiful for her prom. Love her shoes. My daughter didn’t attempt those high heels until this year at Christmas at age 23. She proclaimed it was time for big girl shoes. She practiced for two weeks before her Christmas party and survived them although I don’t think she did any dancing.

  29. OMG. Daughter is lovely and the shoes are rockin’. And you, Mama? You’ve got the best koolaid house ever! All the kids want to play there.

  30. Hannah looked beautiful and very happy! We had the friends of our daughter (we have one child, a daughter, too) over during high school, too. I guess some parents think it’s too much work, too expensive etc to have them over – but we loved it! Wish we would have done more, now, and would do it all over again!! Obviously you share that sentiment~

  31. Wow. She looked beautiful and I love the color of her dress! The party bus was an awesome idea and looked so fun, too.

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