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Random Thursday: The Graduation Edition

Graduation Honors blog size

Today’s Random Thursday is all about Hannah’s graduation and the party immediately following.

  • It’s looming.
  • And I sort of feel like everything is in place.
  • Which probably means I’ve forgotten something major.
  • The tent and tables and chairs (which are all FREE thanks to my awesome nephew) are coming either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.
  • The port-a-john will be in my yard by the end of today.
  • The decorations and plates and napkins and such have been purchased.
  • The meatballs are in the freezer and there are boxes of pasta to be cooked.
  • I think my friend Julie is making enough tossed salad for everyone but I do need to double check on that.
  • I still need to decide whether or not I want to rent cloth tablecloths or just go with plastic.
  • And I need to figure out what I want to do about centerpieces.
  • Oh, and I have to make a gazillion of those graduation cap candy things that I made last year.
  • Other than that – we’re in good shape.
  • At least in terms of the party and stuff we have to do.
  • Emotionally, we (and by we I mean me) are a mess.
  • Despite listening to it over and over again Pomp and Circumstance is still making me cry.
  • As did the sight of Hannah in her cap & gown for last night’s awards ceremony.
  • And we’re worried about the weather forecast as it’s predicting possible rain.
  • We really don’t want rain. Not only does it mean that Hannah has to pick only 4 people to actually attend graduation but it also means my yard will be a soggy mess.
  • And there is 1 person who probably thinks she will be picked and she won’t be and I don’t want to have to deal with any crap about it.
  • So, for the sake of my sanity and a happy graduation day, could you all collectively wish the rain away? I know the power of the knitbloggers so I know you can do this for us.
  • You have my eternal thanks.

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  1. Mine graduated last Thursday, the day started out very overcast and I certainly had my doubts about it clearing, but by noon it was beautiful. Two years ago as we sat (outside) awaiting the ceremony, we had a brief sprinkle/sunshower (and rainbow!) But the rest of the ceremony was dry.

    I wish you the luck we’ve had for a beautiful day!

  2. Sending anti-rain wishes your way! I did see the forecast this morning which called for some sun and will be the nicer day of the weekend. I had forgotten about those candy caps! Great idea.

  3. Rain, rain go away … at least until after graduation day!!

    Sounds like all is in hand for the party … lay in lots of kleenex for the ceremony, and then have fun celebrating!!

  4. You must have been working on this for weeks! If this wasn’t an act of love I don’t know what is. I hope with all my heart that the sun shines and you have a wonderful day.

  5. I cannot even think about graduation day. I’ve got two more years of denial (though we are planning a summer college trip!). Sending sunny vibes your way!!!

  6. I am praying for a great weekend for you guys! It rained on my graduation and I could only have 2 people come. My parents gave their tickets up to my grandparents and it was awful that they didn’t see me graduate.

    Take lots of pictures, enjoy the day, and it’s OK to be emotional. I know I will be! Be proud – you did a great job!

    Congratulation to you all!

  7. Humming Willie Nelson’s rendition of “Blue Skies” as I type this…best wishes for a beautiful graduation day for Hannah!

  8. You’ve been listening to Pomp and Circumstance as training for graduation? That’s pretty smart! I’m praying for you.

  9. I’ll be thinking of you and Hannah this weekend and sending good-weather-wishes!! If things get too stressful, break out the spinning, knitting, margaritas, wine…. whatever it takes 🙂

  10. No kids to graduate, so no advice there. However, I have done a lot of large events, and my advice is go with those pretty disposable plastic table cloths. You can leave them on the table till the end, pile trash on top, roll them up and VOILA! trash is cartable and cleanup is quick! Enjoy all the moments (hopefully, without rain).

  11. Sorry, but, Mom + stress of getting ready + high emotions + empty nest syndrome = tears. It’s okay though…alot of the other moms are in the same boat!

    No rain. No rain. No rain. No rain…..

  12. Congratulations!!! I hope everything goes off without a hitch.

    Once upon a time, I had to cook up something like 10 boxes of pasta. I ended up buying a couple of those pots that have colanders that fit right inside. I’m sure you’ve seen them? Anyway, I was able to just boil two pots of water ONCE and then I just inserted and removed the colanders full of pasta. It was a lot faster than boiling full pots of water over and over. Good luck with the party!

  13. I always thought I’d cry and be a blubbery mess, but beaming joy and pride apparently trumps tears at graduation (it also helps to be preoccupied with taking photos). The weddings will be an entirely different thing. Can I photograph my own kid’s wedding? I’m not sure that would even help… I’ve been a softy for weddings since I was a kid.

    GOOD LUCK with the party!! (Shoo rain!)

  14. OK, wishing hard. I’m feeling sentimental on your behalf – these monumental days seem so far off, then suddenly they’re upon you, then as suddenly flash by.

  15. Bruce, the girls and I all send sunny thoughts your way. It sounds like you have it all under control. Just try to enjoy the moment.

  16. Waving pointy sticks in your direction to shoo the rain clouds away. Congratulations to Hannah. I wish I was graduating from something, just so I could have those candy caps.

  17. Fingers crossed for a dry graduation day.

    Tell the wannabe drama starters that it’s Hannah’s day and anyone who is too selfish to see that can suck it.


  18. All the best this weekend Carole! So emotional, so fun! As my Mom would have said “you done good”.

  19. Every time I read this post I weep. One more year for us, God willing. Bittersweet!

    The paper tablecloths with the plastic backing (or is it the other way around?) from the grocery store are pretty good. We use them for craft projects, picnics, Halloween costumes… The older style pure plastic are a bit better but can’t always be found. I really don’t like the new brown paper plates. They absorb everything. Sturdy but what’s the use when they become more like paper towels in your hands? Better off with the older style paper plates, even the cheap ones where you have to double up.

    If the potentially difficult person bugs you, just burst into tears. I’ve found it works very well, and it will vent some of your angst, too. GOOD LUCK!

    And the best of wishes for Hannah. What a gem.

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