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Random Thursday

Finally Some Rain! blog size

I know that typically we do Random Wednesdays but I’m being totally random and posting it on a Thursday instead. I am embracing the randomness, people.

  • Thank you all so much for the compliments on the Lady Bertram Shawl. I took those pictures in about 5 minutes and I’m so glad they came out so well. I got lucky with the setting, that’s for sure.
  • Ten on Tuesday is really taking off! I love that more and more people are subscribing. I’m definitely open for suggestions for topics, too.
  • My secondary place of employment, the Council on Aging, is under construction. It’s something different every day, which makes my morning very interesting. Yesterday, for instance, the interesting thing was that they demolished both bathrooms. Am I expected to use the portable toilet that the construction workers use? That seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me.
  • I am planning on knitting these socks for Hannah. Call me cah-ray-zeee.
  • I am reading/listening to 2 books right now. The Girl Who Played with Fire is on the iphone and I love it. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is on the Kindle and I’m not that excited about it.
  • Have you seen the cast for the upcoming One for the Money movie? I’m not thrilled about Katherine Heigl as Stephanie but I think Sherri Shepherd at Lula is brilliant.
  • I’ve been quite the social butterfly this week. Monday night I had dinner with my daughter Hannah and Doreen, one of my best friends from college, who also happens to be Hannah’s godmother, Tuesday night I had dinner with my stepdaughter to celebrate her birthday, and tonight I am having dinner with my two best friends from high school. It’s a great week full of great women.
  • That’s my random and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. When I finished Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I was glad that I read it. But I won’t read it again. It got grosser as the book went on. Too much for me.

  2. I read ‘Girl’ and listened ‘Zombies’. Don’t think I would have like reading it. Listening took only so much concentration. It was fun. I’m about to listen to ‘Abraham Lincoln, Vampire..’

  3. 1. those socks are awesome, but yup, you’re nuts to knit them.
    2. love the random.

    thursday is one day closer to friday, which means: Weekend!

  4. I don’t know if I’d call you CRAZY, but will go with “ambitious”. There’s no deadline on those socks, is there?

    Didn’t get to comment yesterday, but count me among those who think Lady Bertram is beautiful. The beach was perfect for her fashion spread.

  5. I love your newest shawl and the photos are great!
    You are a very cool mom knitting those gorgeous socks!
    Hopefully you haven’t put yourself at risk of having several
    orders from her new friends at school !! Way cool, mom!!

  6. Those socks are spectacular … and Hannah’s looooong legs will do them justice 🙂 Crazy? I suspect you’re right about that, but it’s a good crazy!

  7. It sounds like you’re having a lovely week!! I feel like Vicki as I’ve lost my happy. Maybe time with girlfriends would help. You are crazy, but we know it’s a good crazy. Hannah had better wear the hell out of the socks!

  8. Love the socks! I just bought a book called “Think Outside the Sox”. It had some long socks that were pretty cool.

  9. Katherine Heigl??!! No WAY! Can’t see that at ALL! Sandra Bullock, maybe. How ’bout Betty White for Grandma Masur?!

  10. Are you seriously knitting knee socks? That is nuts indeed! I totally can’t see Katherine Heigl at all. I was totally thinking Sandra Bullock, Marisa Tomei, maybe even Reese Witherspoon. Did the casting person even read the books?

  11. The one day I don’t look at your blog you post a gobsmacking shawl! Great pix (the same things happen to me — I can get great shots without half trying or try to make everything artful, fill up my camera’s whole memory card and not have a one), great knit, great color. I have a helluva time photographing red, too.

    I don’t call you crazy — well, not on account of knee socks, anyway. I keep meaning to make myself a few pairs (there’s no dealing with Miss B these days).

  12. Random enough, and yes, you are crazy. But then again, you do knit socks quickly. So maybe still random, but less crazy.

  13. Those socks are wicked cool! But, I don’t think I’ll be trying them for me…they are perfect for Hannah…

    You’ve had quite the week – and it sounds like you’ve had fun!

  14. The socks will be amazing! Not crazy at all.
    I’ve just started a book on ‘tape’ after hearing everyone else’s success stories. I’m now listening to Ann Patchett’s Run on my commute!

  15. The socks are spectacular but yes – cah-ray-zee! I also neglected to comment on the shawl but was actually thinking about it at home this morning! Beautiful!

  16. I downloaded the kindle app for my iphone, and I haven’t bought any books for it yet – not sure quite how to use it, nor how much space it’ll take up on my phone………… and after I read them, do I delete them? it’s all a mystery to me.
    nice socks.

  17. Finished the Swedish girl books on my road trip via audible. World War Z was a good listen (audible) if you want zombies; why muss-up Austen? Sounds like you’ve had a wonderfully random time! Hope it continues into the weekend!

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