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Ten On Tuesday

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Our kids are visiting from Florida this week and Ambrynn (if you can believe it) is now 5 years old. Hence the inspiration for this week’s theme: 10 Ways to Entertain a Child.

  1. Read a story together. I wouldn’t be much of a librarian if this wasn’t first on my list.
  2. Cook something. This is not that easy for me as I prefer to be alone in the kitchen but it can be fun to cook or bake together.
  3. Play a game. You could play a board game or make up a game – either way this is sure to be entertaining.
  4. Go to the beach. Lots of stuff to do while at the beach!
  5. Go to the zoo. We did this last year when the kids visited and we all had a great time.
  6. Do something crafty together. A little knitting, crocheting or sewing – if they learn to do it on their own you might even get some quiet time.
  7. Go for a bike ride.
  8. Sit in the back yard and watch for birds. This is a favorite for our family.
  9. Take a walk. A little exercise, a little scenery, a little entertaining.
  10. Just hang out and talk. You’ll be amazed at the things they will say!

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  1. Great list, Carole. This was a fun topic for me; as you can imagine, I could have gone on and on and on. When you have a little one living with you, you find all kinds of ways to entertain them (and they find all kinds of ways to entertain you as well!)

  2. This was fun! Loved reading your list to see what things we had in common, and the differences as well. Can’t wait to see all the other lists πŸ™‚

  3. My favorite activity was playing “The Quiet Game.” It was a test-of-wills contest to see who could go longest without talking. Worked for me!

  4. The Quiet Game never worked with my kids, they’re both too chatty! Have fun! Kids are exhausting, but they definitely keep you young.

  5. I know! It’s hard to believe… Mack just turned 5, too! Crazy.
    Nice list, Carole. I can’t wait to hear what you actually DO do. Whatever it is… I’m sure it’ll be fun and you’ll enjoy every minute.

  6. play I spy…
    give them a piece of paper and colored pens…
    make funny faces..
    go outside, take water color paints and decorate stones

  7. Carole, great topic. Fun to read all the posts, seems like people really like to entertain kids. Have a great time with your family.

  8. I’m seeing many similarities amongst the lists this week. At least for those who chose broad activities anyway. It is fun to watch and note the similarities and differences. Some of the lists have prompted fun childhood memories too πŸ™‚

  9. I don’t know if you have berry picking any place near you, but we found that a lot of fun! And bug hunting. Let’s not forget an old mayonnaise jar full of interesting finds – getting out the colored pencils and drawing them. Have a fun family time!

  10. Garden hose – summer – takes care of one afternoon. And hopscotch or general chalk art on the driveway. And every kid needs the experience of a nice drive-in movie if they still have them in their pj’s and LOTS of snacks – and maybe even an ice cream cone from a drive-up ice cream stand. Oh wait – that’s me that likes those things…. never mind.

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