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Ten on Tuesday

Brockton Fair Rides

This week is the first full week of July and it’s officially summer here in Massachusetts. It’s hot, it’s humid and it’s glorious! I think it’s a great opportunity to talk about 10 Ways to Celebrate Summer.

  1. Go to the beach. Duh.
  2. Go to a fair and go on some rides. Hannah may be off this for a while since she threw up last week after going on a few too many rides.
  3. Eat summertime foods like lobster and corn.
  4. Relax outside. My deck is my favorite spot to be this time of year, especially in the late afternoon when the sun has gone down but the mosquitoes haven’t come out yet.
  5. Go to a cook out. Burgers with all the fixins and hot dogs with mustard and relish are a great way to enjoy a summer day.
  6. Go to a ball game. We are cheap and go to the local Rox but Hannah went to her first Red Sox game last weekend and she may never settle for the Rox again.
  7. Sleep late. No one has to get up for school and that means I get to sleep past 5 am on the week days. Hooray!
  8. Ride around in a convertible. My Jeep is great this time of year. I take the roof down and the doors off and ride around with the wind in my hair. I love it!
  9. Get an ice cream. An ice cream cone on a hot summer night brings back such memories of my childhood.
  10. Run through the sprinkler. I haven’t done this since I was a kid and I’m not even sure if we have a sprinkler but I’m going to check and if we do – I’m running through it.

You all know that I love summer so you can bet that I will be celebrating hard for the next 8 weeks!

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  1. Great list! Even though I live in a beach community, I avoid the beach during the day in the summer because I cannot handle the crowds of people who kick sand on me all day long. It’s really sad because I do love the beach. I’ll go in the evening for a walk, though and that is very nice! Clover has a new sprinkler this year; perhaps I’ll run through it with her. It’s been MANY years since I’ve done that. Like you, I do LOVE Summer and plan to enjoy every minute of it!

  2. I live at the beach too….but it’s been toooo hot to enjoy it. Glad I was able to escape to my friends pool instead. The highlight of my weekend was driving around in my friends VW bug convertible with the top down. Hall and Oates was on her IPOD and we sang along at the top of our voices!! HEAVEN! YEAH to summer! Enjoy it Carole!

  3. Fun list! Gah! Winter, spring, summer, fall… 5:00 a.m. is when my alarm goes off! It’s not so bad in the summer, actually, but when it’s still black as night in winter (and cold!)… brutal.

  4. What a fun list 🙂 Lots of similarities between ours … and I could have gone on and on. What isn’t to love about summer in New England? Well, except for this oppressive humidity? LOL

  5. Awesome list. Thanks for the reminder that summer is for daily fun, not just “go away on vacation” fun. Happy first week of July!

  6. Great list. Lot’s of similarities and things I forgot. We’re actually going to see the Nats and the Mets this summer. Baseball is totally a summer thing.

    I really like the picture. It took a minute to figure it out. The rides look like they were’nt lit up.

  7. Rats, I forgot about ice cream and the sprinkler. Today I was coming home from the library and the maintence man was outside with a hose – I told him getting under that would be wonderful – and once I’d gotten far enough away not to get drenched – he sprayed me with the hose – it felt wonderful…

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