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Meet Oscar

You remember my bike, right? She’s a beauty and her name is Betty. I named her Betty because the name makes me think of the 50s and also because it was my grandmother’s name. Well, her name was actually Elizabeth but everyone called her Betty. She was Swedish and I loved her dearly.

Anyway, I bought Dale a bike for his birthday. He’s an Electra Cruiser, too, and his name is Oscar. Dale named him Oscar for his grandfather, Oscar Julius, a professional bicycle racer. Oscar was Swedish, too, and Dale and I are both very proud of our Swedish heritage.

Bike By Canal Long Shot blog size

Last Friday we brought Oscar and Betty to the Cape Cod Canal for their first ride together.

Bike Full Shot Closer blog size

It was a beautiful day with very blue sky and a few puffy clouds. The canal was bustling with activity, boats going by in the water, families out biking and walking, people fishing and reading and enjoying the outdoors.

Bike By Canal Full Shot blog size

We treated ourselves to ice cream from the store at the Bourne Scenic Park and rested our legs while we ate. It was a great spot for some photos of Oscar, too.

Handlebars and Seat blog size

I think we’re going to really enjoy riding these bikes together.  So long as Oscar remembers his place. He’s almost as pretty as Betty. But not quite.

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  1. Oscar is definitely a handsome fellow, and I don’t think he’ll forget that Betty is prettier 😉 I remember riding my bike along the canal, so much fun! Glad you guys had a great weekend to give the new friends a spin.

  2. I think it’s really cute that you’ve named your bikes. Oscar and Betty are great names for a nice bike couple.

  3. How come Oscar no move? Go, Oscar, go! OK, action shots on his first day was probably a little unrealistic, and we don’t want any distracted riding. Enjoy!

  4. You really should have Oscar and Dale together with you and Betty. Then we’d believe you really road the bikes. 😉

  5. 🙂 Looks like a wonderful time!! And ice cream, too… my bike ride on Sunday with my husband involved Powerbars and Accelerade, and gasping for breath and sore muscles… I think I like your plan better!

  6. We were driving over the Bourne Bridge yesterday and said to my family that she should ride along the trail. How fun!!

  7. How many speeds? I dropped down to 5, myself, and got the feminine version bicycle with the cutaway silhouette so I could get off and on easily – at my age! Mine is blue – just like my FIRST bike. Fun. But Rockport is pretty hilly, and the roads are narrow.

  8. Oscar and Betty are an adorable couple! Matched bikes, how sweet!

    I recently got an Electra Cruiser myself – bright orange. I love these bikes. So comfortable, so joy-enducing. My bike has 7 speeds and a derailer. I can’t wait to see what adventures your bikes get both you and Dale into!

  9. I picture the two of you riding along together with “Bicycle Built for Two” playing in the background. (Yeah, that’s exactly right since you don’t have a tandem, but I like the retro image — goes perfectly with the bikes.)

  10. I have an Electra cruiser, too. I have the “Betty” model, and I’m crazy about her, but when I initially went to the bike shop, I wanted a Cruiser Deluxe. They didn’t have one, but they did have my Betty, and it was love at first site. I’m getting to retire, and I’m thinking about getting an Electra Ticino—more gears, an aluminum frame, and more bells and whistles.

  11. Oscar is very cute! Have you seen Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo? My Swedish is really improving… I’ve moved beyond hei hei (which a Swede taught me), tak (from “The Kingdom”), come back (also The Kingdom), and have added Come in from the recent movie. hahahahaha, how far do you think that will get me?

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