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Butter and Sugar Corn blog size

The question on That’s My Answer yesterday was “What is your popular blog post?” I assume they mean “what is your most popular blog post” and it got me kind of curious – so I looked it up.

And it was this Noro Silk Garden post. I have no idea why that post was visited more than any other, but there it is.

That statistic made me curious about other statistics so I kept looking and here’s what I found:

  • My most popular referrer is still the old site. I don’t know why people haven’t updated their books marks with this site and still go to that one to be sent here. Weird.
  • My most popular search time is “carole knits” and that makes sense. But then there are other very strange search terms like “dining room hutch” and “dunkin donuts uniform” and “vine tattoos”. Very interesting, the ways that people find my blog.
  • I have an average of 484 visitors per day and have had 314, 220 visits to the blog since Oct 2008 when I switched to this host. My busiest day ever was Tuesday, March 2, 2010, with 1413 views that day.
  • Finally, I have received 41, 296 comments. And I’m pretty sure I have answered every single one. That, my friends, is a LOT of emails.

This examination of my blog stats was definitely informative although I’m not sure what any of it really means. Take a look at your blog stats and see if you find out something new about your blog!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go put on a dunkin donuts uniform and stare at my dining room hutch for a while.

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  1. Make sure the Dunkin Donuts uniform doesn’t cover up your vine tattoo!

    Your blog is consistantly fresh, inviting and interesting. I’m not surprised that it is so popular!

  2. Your Noro Silk Garden stats just went up by one. P.S. I made one of those, too. Took forever, but it sure is purty. Hmmm – I have four more skeins in stash…..

  3. In the early years I checked my stats often, but now I rarely do. Typepad might be a little different than WP as I mostly see ‘bloglines’ and ‘google’ readers, but the occasional interesting thing pops up. All I really know is summer is slow in blogland. Everyone is in the garden!

  4. My more popular ones have been patterns I’ve posted, and there was one about caring for your wrists when doing production knitting that Stephanie linked during the first knitting olympics. Posts of yours I’ve saved: your anniversary post from this year — such love and happiness in those photos!, your chocolate cream pie, your Seraphim shawl, Dale’s man lace, Hannah modeling the Swallowtail, “An Inspirational Story,” and your 2/23/10 ten on Tuesday post because I want to visit those places someday, too. You’re always a good read!

  5. Highly impressive, especially answering all the comments. I do like knowing that my every comment, no matter how banal, will get a response. I’ve never actually looked at my stats, partly for fear of seeing how few visitors I have, but I know I have more than I think because once in a while someone delurks.

    It’s funny that the NSS was so popular. I think that scarf was all the rage during the first flush of my infatuation with reversible cables, and I didn’t knit it because 1) I rarely knit from other people’s patterns, 2) even though I was seeing lots of pretty NSSs, I remained infatuated elsewhere.

  6. Email me and I’ll tell you why I think that post is your top attention getter. ;^)

    That’s A LOT of emails.

    Btw, I never deleted my feed to the old blog, but I did add the new one. Yes, that means I wander by twice a day. Yes, I really am that weird. :p


  7. Checking my blog stats would be kind of depressing. πŸ™‚ But I can say that yesterday was my 500th post.

  8. I truly appreciate that you always respond to each comment I make. What I love about your blog is your sense of humor, positive attitude, beautiful knitting, and yummy cooking ideas – perhaps in that order with the first two interchangeable. There is so much griping and whining out there. Thanks for keeping it so uplifting!

  9. I still get people searching for the photo I took 5 years ago of a gloxinia. truly.. It’s funny where people come from for that.
    most popular post? hmmmm, the ‘new’ typepad doesn’t list what that is.
    Congrats on all those connections – makes the world a little less huge πŸ˜‰ (and that’s a good thing, in my opinion.)

  10. I rarely look at my blog stats but I know they’re not nearly as impressive as yours! Then again, perhaps if I blogged more regularly I’d have better stats πŸ™‚

  11. Checking the blog stats can be quite entertaining, and sometimes educational and enlightening. Yours are quite impressive. However, after my disappointing corn results from the garden, I might be more in awe of that corn.

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