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A Night at The Rox

As part of our goal to soak up as much summer as possible, we went to a Rox game Monday night. It was hot and sticky, perfect baseball weather.

Rox Stadium Aug 10 blog size

Although, from the number of empty seats, apparently other people don’t agree. Seriously, I don’t know why the stadium isn’t more full. It’s reasonably priced, the baseball is pretty good, and it’s a beautiful arena. Plus, the beer is cheap and plentiful. I really think the people of Brockton and the surrounding communities need to step up to the plate (get it? step up to the plate? hahaha) and support this place in a much more tangible way.

But I digress and I didn’t mean to rant.

Rox Warm Up blog size

Instead, let’s look at the cute ball players.

Corrections Officers blog size

And the local Correction’s Officers who carried the flags onto the field for the National Anthem. Speaking of that, it was sung Monday night by the daughter of a friend of my brother’s. I sort of wanted to go speak to him but I was afraid he wouldn’t remember me. My brother’s been gone for 13 years and I’m sure I haven’t seen this guy since then so I chickened out.

And again I digress.

BHS Aug 10 blog size

Let me get back on topic (sort of) by showing you a photo of Brockton High School, my alma mater.  This is the view from far right field. Yes, it’s a very big school. I graduated with 1100 way back in 1983. You need a big facility to support that many students. And this is a good one, complete with a swimming pool and excellent science labs, a beautiful fine arts building and not one but two terrific auditoriums. I was lucky to go here.

There’s a lot of digressions in this post, did you notice?

View from the Dug OUt blog size

As a final way of getting back on track, let’s look at those cute ball players again.

I love baseball.

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  1. I’m going to a game (The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, or T-Rats for short) on Thursday night! Ball games are fun.

  2. We took the girls to a Seadogs game last month, though with a 5- and 2-year old we didn’t get to stay for the whole game. But I did have a dog and beer and was surprised at how cheap the “good” beer was – a much more reasonable outing than taking them to a Red Sox game would have been.

  3. The Rox games are a ton of fun, we went w/ friends a few weeks ago. My bonus was that Brian Daubach (one of my favorite former Red Sox players) was the manager for the opposing team. I quietly rooted for his team, LOL!

  4. Enthused by your baseball post last year, we went to a game at our local ball club – the Boise Hawks, a triple-A team. We had a terrific time. This year, while visiting family in California, we went to a Padres v. Dodgers game. YOWZA! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get my girls in the Hawks stadium again.

  5. Love those cute ball players. I spent a lot of time with Brockton folk in my youth and will be having our annual what I’m told is a homegrown Brockton meal this weekend some natives. Small size pizza and greek salad. Do you know this combo? Served up deliciously at the Shannon Door in Jackson, NH.

  6. I adore baseball, and baseball players! Whatever age and level they are playing, they get SO excited when good things happen to them! If only everyone had that joy in what they do…

  7. We don’t go to many, if any, of the Bees games, but we love baseball, too. The tickets are cheap and we have the best view of any stadium anywhere on earth. We should be going to the ballgame!

  8. Hey: BHS ’79, 1512 graduates 🙂

    Alas, we couldn’t possibly have known each other – there at different times.

    I went to a packed Nationals game last week. Yours looks more manageable.

  9. Baseball games can be such fun, especially minor league games. Not sure hot and sticky would be my choice though. I’d prefer warm and dry.

  10. Ballplayers! So cute! We meant to go to at least one Spinners game this year, but as usual the summer got away from us. Go Rox! Go Sox! If at all possible.

  11. Nothing better than minor league baseball. I’d be at the park every day if I could…maybe I should get a job as an usher? 😉

  12. I used to love going to minor league games, for all the reasons you state. Very reasonable ticket prices, and the concessions stands staffed by college students who cooked hamburgers and hotdogs on grills behind the bleachers. Much cheaper and far more tasty than the fare you get at major league games.

    But nowadays I simply can’t deal with the heat to sit outside for a game!

  13. I went to see the FisherCats here in NH – and I had a wonderful time…Makes you wonder why more folks don’t fill up those bleachers!!!

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