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Ten on Tuesday

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This week’s topic is near and dear to my heart. 10 Reasons to Love Bacon. And really, who doesn’t love bacon? Frankly, I’ll tell you who – Hannah. Can you believe it? So today’s post is all about great ways to eat bacon in the hopes that it will change my baby girl’s mind.

  1. Bacon and eggs. The original and why mess with it?
  2. Bacon Jalapeno thingies. They disappear faster than I can make them.
  3. Scallops wrapped in bacon. This hors d’oeuvres was an essential back in the 80s when I worked for a chi-chi caterer.
  4. Pasta Carbonara. Basically it’s bacon and eggs with pasta. Mmmm.
  5. Bacon Cheeseburgers. Dale likes his without the cheese. Go figure.
  6. Bacon and Chocolate. You think I’m kidding? Try a Mo’s Bacon Bar and you will see the beauty of this combination.
  7. Hot bacon dressing. Pour it over a spinach salad and bacon is almost healthy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  8. Bacon dip. There are many variations of this but I like mine with ranch dressing and cream cheese.
  9. Bacon wrapped venison bites. These are a special treat around here at Christmas time. So delicious and tender.
  10. Finally, a BLT Sandwich. Turkey club sandwich. Cheeseburger club sandwich. There are so many variations on this theme for a very good reason. It’s simple and delicious.

Let’s all go have some bacon!

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  1. I’m with Hannah on this one – none of those reasons are enough to get me to eat bacon!

  2. Yum! It’s good on meatloaf, too. It looks like the tide is turning against meat for a lot of people, though.

  3. This summer I tried one of those chocolate bars and I didn’t like it. The chocolate part was good though. 🙂

  4. Like Mel in the above comments, I’ve not eaten bacon in years. I’ve always called it the “Gateway Meat.” I LOVED bacon before becoming a pescatarian. I know if I had one piece, I’d be back on the meat wagon!

    At my school’s last bake sale, one of the teachers brought bacon brownies. They sold out quickly!

  5. Great topic, and I enjoyed reading all the other lists, too! Mmmmm, man I really really really want bacon!

  6. What bacon needs is a co-food that crosses out the fats and nitrites – is there such a combo?

  7. I’ve been a vegetarian too long to enjoy even the smell of bacon (and unfortunately, when we had venison growing up my dad would say it was either Rudolph or Bambi, depending on the time of year… no wonder I’m a vegetarian).

  8. Pinto (or any other kind of beans) and bacon!

    Render the delicious fat off a piece of bacon, then caramelize some diced onion in it; add tomato paste with a little water, and cook gently for a minute or two to get some of the liquid off, and then add a couple tablespoons of cream. Salt and pepper to taste; add crumbled bacon back in and toss with elbow macaroni. Delicious topped with romano cheese!

  9. Re. the comment on fats and nitrates. The fat is good for you. Doesn’t matter that it’s saturated, saturated fat has unfairly gotten a bad rap. If you want a THOROUGH review of the evidence, read Good Calories, Bad Calories. If if that tome is a little hefty, you can take my word for it or do some googling. Nitrates are pretty bad though. That’s why quality counts – pay a little extra for the good stuff at the deli counter, humanely raised if possible and definitely nitrate free. It tastes amazing. Yummy bacon, without the guilt.

    I can’t eat wheat, so my BLTs are now bacon and tomato on a salad. Still has all the necessary ingredients, and it’s even better without the bread.

    I couldn’t resist this topic, I did a list too! Thanks for the great blog fodder!

  10. Are you sure Hannah is your daughter??!?!?

    Boy, this post sure responses from the vegetarians!!

    As the TV commercial says, “Mmmmm, BACON! Bacon, bacon, bacon!”

  11. I’ve been eating so much bacon lately I can actually hear my arteries occluding. I’ll die happy, is all I can say.

    Fantastic ocean picture yesterday! I’m a lake person, mostly, but I miss the surf now and again.

  12. How on earth could I forget hot bacon dressing and (especially at this time of year when we have it at least once a week) BLTs…

  13. I think Homer Simpson has the last word on bacon, “Mmmm… bacon.” You must try bacon wrapped dates. To. Die. For.

  14. Sorry, still can’t do it. I like it best when the bacon just touches my eggs in passing. I get the bacon flavor without the bacon itself.

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