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Ten on Tuesday

Today’s topic, 10 Reasons to Watch Football, was inspired by the start of the professional football season this past Sunday. I have tried to watch and understand football in the past and I have always failed. This year, however, I am determined to not only get it but to also enjoy it. Having a list of reasons to watch will give me inspiration should I falter.

Football Snacks blog size

  1. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Or evening. Dale says afternoon football isn’t as good because you can’t drink beer that early in the day and then accomplish anything later.
  2. You can watch football and knit. For me right now it needs to be a very simple knit so that I can concentrate on what’s going on with the game but I’m hoping that as I learn more I can knit more complex things while watching.
  3. You can watch football and spin. See #2.
  4. There are good snacks. On Sunday we had some marinated mushrooms and stuffed grape leaves and olives and cheese ‘n crackers. We also had chili and I have to say it was fantastic. I used a lot of fresh plum tomatoes from our CSA and I’m betting that’s what made the difference.
  5. The HDTV really shines. I cannot get over how fantastic football looks on our fancy-ass TV. I might be watching for this reason alone.
  6. It’s a good bonding experience with your spouse. Luckily Dale is not a football fanatic and I’ve never been a football widow. He does enjoy the game, though, and he is really enjoying <strike>lecturing</strike> teaching me about the game. It’s nice to share something new.
  7. It gives you something to talk about at work. It seems like everyone was talking about Randy Moss and his post game whine yesterday. It’s nice to actually be able to participate in the conversation.
  8. The players are cute. Hello, Tom Brady and Wes Walker.
  9. The cheerleaders are hot. Okay, that one is for Dale. You should have heard him whining when a big pop up ad thingy came on the screen yesterday just when they were showing the cheerleaders in their skimpy little outfits.
  10. It’s just plain entertaining. And exciting. Before this week I thought it was boring but I’m changing my mind and am finally seeing the appeal. Millions of people watch and they can’t all be wrong.

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  1. It is funny that, in a round about way, you and I have many of the same reasons for watching football. I however am a smart ass and am going straight to hell, whereas you are lovely. Enough said.

  2. Hurray for #5!! Bigger screen = bigger ball. And much sharper image. Still… my mind wanders off the game and onto almost any other activity.

  3. I’ve been wondering who Tom Brady was! Anyway, as long as the weather is nice (and right now it’s perfect). I won’t be watching tv….and foot ball? Can’t think of a single reason to watch. To each her own. 😉

  4. I grew up with a dad who LOVED football. When it was on, it meant Dad was home. Consequently I turn on a football game the way some people turn on the radio. For me it’s a comforting background noise (and I enjoy watching bits of the game too!).

  5. I’m so proud of your list, Carole! For someone who’s not a fan (yet), you amassed quite a list of reasons to watch 🙂 I love that your football snacks are not quite the standard fare, hehe!

  6. Great football snacks! I’m not much for football – and there is no male here in my house (unless you count the cat – and he doesn’t watch) to lure me into watching football…

  7. This is for sure an each to their own topic. I used to play clarinet in the high school band (and therefore marching band– I was in a quartet on the field with 3 tubas) and really learned to hate football. I could easily make a list of ten strong reasons to hate it. So I’m grateful that my husband isn’t a fan. Baseball is another thing. It has a Zen-like quality. Count me in for the World Series if they’re teams I’m interested in. I envy your TV.

  8. I am so proud of you for giving football a go! So many women just turn their noses up at it and never realize what they’re missing. Don’t worry. You’ll be knitting lace while watching football before you know it.

    (I’m ignoring that whole Tom Brady comment, btw. Yeesh!)

  9. It truly is a fun game to watch (for all the reasons you listed) and once you get into a few of them, it’s easy to knit more complicated things (you can always look up for the instant replays – plus Dale will be shouting hurrah..) hmmm….. great tv, snacks, knitting, hubbie, what’s not to like?!

  10. Football season = knitting season

    Back when I was a newbie knitterI used to pack all the knitting away once football season was over. Silly me.

  11. At the risk of Cookie’s disdain, I really don’t see the charm in football. I’ve tried as the trappings are great (good food, cozy fires, lazy days), but I just don’t get it.

    Put college basketball in front of me, though, and I’m thrilled!

    I enjoyed your list–gave me a fresh perspective on the topic.

  12. I actually enjoy watching football, but I forgot to list the snacks, a serious omission. Best of luck in your behavioral self-therapy: you seem to have the right attitude.

  13. It’s been so long since I watched a game it was hard to remember why I watched, other than to spend time with whatever male was currently in my life and wanting to watch it. I have to say I learned the most about football when I dated a guy with a fantasy football team. That really highlighted other aspects of the game I hadn’t really paid attention to.

  14. Nothing better than a cool fall day with the windows open, dinner in the slow cooker, knitting in my hand and FOOTBALL on the tv. That’s my idea of a perfect day. I’ve loved the game for years and this year I’m determined to try to remember more of the stats. My home team is the Lions…and that final touchdown pass that was not counted…well lets just say I hope they make some changes in their rule book next year…%*&$*
    Enjoy the season…….

  15. Re: #1– Dale needs to be thankful, then, that you live on the East Coast, where Sunday includes morning and afternoon football. First games around here start at 10–reason for mimosas, I suppose…

  16. I can agree with 2-4 but I’d still rather skip it. The best thing about football is teasing Bruce about how lame the Jets are. That’s almost entertaining enough to make me want to watch. 😉

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