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Three Things on Thursday

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I’m still feeling kind of random so I stole this idea from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe.

Three things I’m happy about:

  1. Family Day at Hannah’s college is Saturday. Dale and I, along with Jessica and Patrick, are going for the day. Can’t wait to see my girl and show Jess and Patrick around Hannah’s school.
  2. The return of Grey’s Anatomy. It was a long summer without my favorite show and I’m so glad it’s back.
  3. I’m cooking a turkey on Sunday. I love the smell of roasting turkey and I love gathering family around the table and I love that it will create leftovers for the week ahead.

Three things I’m concerned about:

  1. Someone is talking about me behind my back. It’s work related and I hate it.
  2. Finding time to plant the big ass order of bulbs that came on Tuesday. I’m always way more enthusiastic when I order them in the spring than I am when I hate to plant them in the fall.
  3. I haven’t touched my spinning wheels in months. I am hoping that the cooler weather will inspire me to start spinning again.

Three things I love about the fall:

  1. The gorgeous color of the leaves.
  2. No humidity! I love summer and heat but I’m definitely not crazy about the humidity. I love the warm and dry days of early fall.
  3. Apple pie. This goes with the third thing up there – roast turkey and all the fixing with apple pie for dessert. Now that’s what I love about fall!

Got three things to share?

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  1. I love number 2 in the things to love about fall. I love that winter is coming and I can feel is the crispness in the air. Less humidity makes knitting more enjoyable too.

  2. You have a great listing. How could anyone top that? As for the a*shat at work? Just send me their name and address. I know high people in low places;-P

  3. I hadn’t spun in months either! Hot hot summer + no air = no spinning. I just got back to it this week and finished off some yarn I started at the beginning of summer. It felt great!

    If you need anyone to help polish off that turkey I would love to help!

  4. I love, love, love the fall!! I love baking in the fall. I love
    cooking a roast and turkey in the fall!!! My favorite time
    of year to start thinking and knitting new projects!!
    This summer was too hot to do any of the above.
    Had a great trip to the Cape……GREAT!
    Where did you get your Wollmeise sock yarn? I can never
    find it at the Loope Ewe. She always runs out of it!!

  5. I’m happy about tailgating at the UCONN football game on Sat. Good food & friends!
    I’m concerned that I don’t know the exact dates that out of town guests are arriving in two weeks!
    I agree with all three things about fall!

  6. If someone is talking about you behind your back it’s more about them than it is you. The bulbs will be amazing come spring. Keep telling yourself that! Fall is my favorite time of year. If only it lasted longer.

  7. Great mini-lists! I have a boxful of daffodil bulbs that a friend gave me. At the time it sounded like a good idea, but now I’m not into it either.

    Three things I’m happy about today…1) Cooler weather with less humidity, 2) Doing a Bible study with friends and getting to know them better, and 3) Being on the last portion of a shawl I’ve had on the needles for too long.

  8. Margene nailed it. Gossip is about the one flapping their lips. That knowledge doesn’t make it better, however, no one can put your intentions to question. Her/His audience will figure that out. Have you read The Four Agreements? Very liberating.
    Three things: I can only fit into three pairs of my pants. Blessedly, the weather has been warm and I’m living in skirts. Must workout…. Baby Blanket needs to be completed. Oy. Reading Younger Next Year and Brain Rules. I recommend them both. Happy Thursday!

  9. I hope you have fun on Saturday! I’m going in today to *finally* set up my new office space…I’ll miss the colleagues I’ve shared space w/for the last year, but we’re only a building away from each other!

  10. 1. All of a sudden I feel better about my spinning sloth. I *still* haven’t finished the blue merino, but I’m getting close.
    2. I notice a glaring omission from your three fall things. I was sure I wasn’t going either, but now there is a chance — a small one, but a chance all the same.
    3. But I love your three fall things! We went apple-picking over Labor Day weekend and I’ve been making lots of apple crisp. That might have something to do with the fact that my clothes seem to have mysteriously shrunk.

  11. Those are 3 great things but isn’t there something missing in there?

    1. Grey’s is great but I’m happy to have the fall season under way in general. There are a few shows that I’m enjoying right now.
    2. I’m happy that I have a fab new fall coat to wear this fall.
    3. I’m thrilled that I’ll get to see my grandparents in a few weeks.

  12. Lovely pictures as usual. I’m finally getting the hang of closeups on my camera using the zoom, rather than trying to get up close and personal with a macro lens. Thanks for the cooaching. I was just not into changing lenses. BTW when I fell in Hawaii, my camera was between me and the rock. I finally got the courage to try it after beign fixed up in the ER and it works! It, too, has some scars from the day. What a story we share, that camera and me!

  13. gossipy nasty folks should be banned… and the fact that you know about it means that someone told you, perhaps you can suggest to the person who told you that they tell the gossiper to be quiet. period. grrrr… gossip is indeed nasty.

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