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Random Wednesday

Baked Mac and Cheese blog size

It’s Wednesday and I’m feeling random . . .

  • Yesterday I drove 2 hours each way to pick up Hannah. The song “Home for the Holidays” has all new meaning for me this year.
  • On the way home we stopped and bought 100 Lindt truffles.
  • 100 is a lot of truffles.
  • The photo above is of homemade mac ‘n cheese that we had for dinner last night.
  • It was the only vegetarian thing I could think of that everyone would enjoy.
  • If this vegetarian lifestyle of Hannah’s keeps up I’m going to have to expand my meatless meal repertoire.
  • I’ve been knitting the heel flap on a sock for Dale since Sunday.
  • It is ridiculous that it has taken this long but it seems like every time I pick it up I get interrupted.
  • Or I fall asleep.
  • I am so glad that Jennifer Grey won Dancing with the Stars last night.
  • Bristol Palin had some of the most lackluster performances I have ever seen and she should have been voted off weeks ago.
  • Today is PIE day.
  • The crusts are all made and I just have to roll them out and fill up those pie plates.
  • My house is going to smell great!
  • Hopefully in between pies I can finish that stupid heel flap.
  • That is all.

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  1. Have fun making pies today!! I’ll be making your whoopie-pies today! YUM!!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Glad Hannah is home – it must feel incredible to have her back! Did the vegetarian change happen while she was away at college?

    I hate when it takes so long to knit something – due to interuptions in most cases. I’m sure you will make some headway over the next few days.

    You and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh pie! I really miss a good pie crust. Yours would be heaven. Welcome home, Hannah!!
    You must love Dale to knit socks from him. You’ll spend less time, and fewer stitches, in a sweater.

  4. did she come home a vegetarian? the mac’n’cheese looks good… any leftovers? 🙂 we have a zillion veggie recipes b/c of our zillion veggie friends. I’ll send you a few to get you through the weekend.

  5. First, I must confess I’m coveting your truffles. Now that I have that off my chest a few vegetarian ideas. There are a few books out in the last year that are for Flexitarians. The recipes stand alone for vegetarians as you can save a portion aside for them and add meat for the carnivores. I’ve done this for a few meals I’ve done for large groups at church. It works well and keeps the workload in the range it would have been anyway. I have a yummy Giada diLaurentis recipe that I have adapted this way and call Farmer’s Market Pasta. Let me know if you have an interest in it.

  6. Delicious Mac-n-Cheese!
    We’ve been a vegetarian family for ~fifteen years. If you need some fab cookbook titles, let me know. I bet you can find them at the library 😉
    I know you’ll have a wonderful day, and what a welcome home for Hannah to have the house smell so yummy!

  7. By some miracle, my navigationally-challenged daughter managed to finally locate the right bus and come home last night. While I was waiting I started the Helix scarf.

    It’s hard catering to people’s food restrictions. Tomorrow, among the 8 of us, there will be one person each who is gluten free, vegetarian, or can’t eat salads. Consequently I’ve been planning the menu for weeks. The meatless entree is being brought by the vegetarian’s mother. It’s going to be eggplant parmigiana with 3 cheeses (and with mushrooms, too. Yum!) I poached pears in red wine last night for the gluten free person. Instead of my traditional persimmon salad, I’m making braised red cabbage with red wine and hazelnuts (are we seeing a pattern here?).

    When I was a freshman in college I became a vegetarian for 7 years. It must have been a real trial for my mother. One thing’s for sure, I learned to cook. Check out the recipes in the Trattoria Cookbook by Patricia Wells. She does amazing things with vegetables. Besides my stash, my other big collection is cookbooks, so if you ever need any suggestions, I’m here for you.

  8. Mmmmm, bet that mac ‘n cheese was delicious! Welcome home, Hannah!!! Hope you all have a wonderful and joy-filled Thanksgiving. Oh, and wow, that’s ALOT of truffles!

  9. Welcome home Hannah! I am seriously envious as I must wait until Dec. 11. We’re wondering “who” will come home to us and what changes we’ll see. Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving.

  10. Am I crazy? Looks like bacon in that mac&cheese, which definitely isn’t vegetarian! Let me know if you need recipes. My husband has found some really good ones.

  11. Welcome home to Hannah! Carol, I know how you feel.

    My daughter started her freshman year at college at the end of August (also 2 hours each way). She hasn’t been home since then. However she will be on her way home tonight. Unfortunately, they are predicting freezing rain and discouraging travel tonight here. I’m saying a prayer that she gets home safely tonight.

  12. It’s cheesecake day for me! I even took the day off. After I read your post about pie I remembered you had previously posted your chocolate cream pie recipe. That will have to wait for another day because I am not making another store run but I plan on making it soon cuz it looks so yummy.
    I couldn’t agree with you more about DWTS! I especially loved the dance from Dirty Dancing that Jennifer and Derek performed Monday night. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. I have a couple of Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks if you ever want to borrow them. They have some great recipes. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!! (I am hauling a turkey to Nantucket tomorrow and cooking it there. Should be interesting…)

  14. I was just thinking about homemade mac’ n cheese! My granddaughter loves it and it would be perfect Friday night. We’ll see…. I too am glad Jennifer Grey won! I could almost accept Bristol being kept on, but not when it came to the finals. Vegetarian, huh? Being away from home certainly cements their needs to change,though I think this happened before Hannah left for college, right?

  15. Personally, I think the whole season of DwtS has been kind of lacksluster and the finale was WAY too L-O-N-G last night. I only watch “Blue Bloods” with Tom Selleck on Friday nights and DwtS on TV and I’m not used to sitting through all those #@$% commercials. (I would watch the WWE with worm wrestling if my Tommy was on it. Just sayin’. . .)

    Have a GREAT day tomorrow—

  16. …and that is all very good!

    but I am wondering (aside from the questions already asked about what’s up with all the truffles!) what is the meat-like-looking thing in the mac and cheese?

    enjoy your time with hannah – wishing you the best!

  17. That mac-n-cheese looks great!

    My favorite places for inspiration on vegetarian recipes are (awesome recipes, some fancy, all delicious, all beautifully photographed) and which is also beautifully photographed and features more healthy recipes.

    And I have been loving the Moosewood cookbooks for many many years, they are great resources.

  18. Having been vegetarian for nearly 16 years, I just don’t use cookbooks very much anymore. Still, Deborah Madison’s is a pretty good all-around cookbook for meat-free dishes.

    As long as you don’t use lard in the crust, pumpkin pie is vegetarian. Neither is sweet potato pie, which I’ll also be making today. Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. My oldest daughter, also a college freshman, is a veg too. She has not eaten meat for 3 years or so. What I find works good for family dinners that we can all eat include some form of pasta or breakfast for dinner. I have a 16 yo daughter and a 12 yo son who is a PICKY eater.
    I hope Hannah is getting all she needs for a healthy diet at school. Have a great family weekend.

  20. Potato tacos are the best! My dad prefers my black bean potato enchiladas when he eats over though (the meatless taco is more than he can bear). Mexican is easy as pie to do meatless. (Pie is also easy to do meatless – and I will be having it for breakfast.)

    I’ve got to scroll back up through your comments and see everyone’s suggestions.

  21. 100 truffles is a lot, especially when you eat them all on the way home. Kidding! I just did the 3-1/2 hour trip each way to take older son back to school. I WISH I were fueled by Lindt truffles, but they were too far back in the van to reach! ; ) I survived with coffee and latte and hot chocolate and KD Lang in the CD player.

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