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Little Red Hood

TTW Hood 6 blog size

I finished the Through the Woods Hood in time for Hannah to model it for me when she was home last weekend.

TTW Hood 4 blog size

I absolutely loved knitting this. The yarn was great to work with, the cables were fun, and the whole thing knit up really quickly.

TTW Wood 2 blog size

Hannah chose the color and it suits her well. She has a history of playing Little Red Riding Hood and that makes this even more appropriate for her.

TTW Hood 7 blog size

The finishing was a wee bit fiddly but it was worth it to end up with something so warm and wearable.

TTW Hood 5 blog size

I used buttons from my mom’s button box and even though they aren’t all the same I think they work. Hannah is a bit OCD about this sort of thing but I think I convinced her that they are fine.

TTW Hood 3 blog size

She took it back to college with her and my wish is that it keeps her warm and reminds her of home and the mom who loves her so much.

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  1. That is just so lovely and snuggly! I think the buttons are perfect! They are the same color and add interesting texture to the hood. Little Red Riding Hood never was any warmer than Hannah!

  2. What a great color for a wonderful gift for a gorgeous kid! Gush much? But what can I tell you, it’s true. She seems to get lovelier (and taller, though I must just have willowy teenagers on the brain) every time you post pix of her.

  3. The hood is wonderful in color and style. It looks cozy, warm and very fashionable! Hannah looks darling in it. The not quite matching buttons are inspired!

  4. You’re not allowed to post cute things that I want to knit so close to Christmas, when I have so many gifts to finish and no time to cast on for new projects. It’s just cruel.

    PS This is awesome and Hannah looks beautiful!

  5. That hood pretty much screams Little Red Riding Hood. It looks really warm and inviting too. I’d make one for Lindsey or Daria but I doubt that they’d wear it.

  6. Just beautiful and so well suited to the recipient. As someone who can be quite OCD,I think the buttons are great. However Hannah, I don’t think it goes with the scarf you may or may not have in your possession! 🙂

  7. So pretty ! Love that rich yummy red, and those cables… so glad you got into cables too – they are one of my favorite things to knit.

  8. I love that! I know that it will remind Hannah of the mom who loves her…just like my son told me that the socks I made for him were like hugs for his feet every time he put them on while he was college. I love that as a knitter I can make something that keeps my family snug.

  9. That shade of red is just wonderful on her! And the hood is gorgeous. (Of course, you know I have a weakness for hoods.)

  10. I saw one of the photos on FB, and am just getting by to say how fabulous this turned out! You have the cold weather to warrant such a dramatic and wooly accessory, and I know she will feel wrapped in your love wearing it.

  11. Catching up on blogs today — beautiful hood, love the color and the cables! It looks great on Hannah! I like the buttons alot — and she not only carries thoughts of you, but memories of Grandma, too….very special.

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