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And I’ve Been Spinning

Like a lot of spinners, I tend to spend time at the wheel in fits and starts. I always get very inspired after SPA, though, and this year it seems like my inspiration has stuck around a bit.

By putting in time with the wheel consistently each week I am slowly but surely working my way through the backlog of Hello Yarn Fiber Club installments.

Some has been finished and plied and wound into skeins.

And some is waiting to be plied.

And some is being spun.

When the 4 oz I’m currently spinning is done I will only have two 4 oz bags left.

Then I’ll finally be able to spin all the other stuff I’ve been buying. This is quite a relief, because, as you can imagine . . .

It’s been piling up a bit.

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  1. Who knew adding spinning to my obsessions would double the stash in my closet!! Can’t believe I resisted the vendors at my guild meeting this past weekend!

  2. I am always amused by us spinners. We’re spinning more stash, but it doesn’t really count, does it? Has your newest hand spun told you what it wants to be?

  3. what happy colors! I’m sure you’ll knit the new yarn into something pretty! (and I smile at the comment about how working through your “stash” of fiber just makes more yarn stash 🙂

  4. Hmmm. The top is ‘Garland’… I’m guessing the bottom is ‘Seasick’ and the ‘middle is ‘Heirloom’?

    Lovely spinning.

  5. Really? Crafting supplies piling up? I can’t imagine!!

    *slinking off before she has to admit that her new obsession with quilting has resulted in a fabric explosion all over her house…*

  6. Fun- who doesn’t enjoy seeing handspun? I have a question for you. As someone who has been spinning for a while, are you still surprised at the final plied yarn’s appearance? I don’t have that many batts ‘under my belt’ and when I buy them, I try to imagine what they will end up looking like, or at least which color that will dominate. Can you look at a batt and pretty much see what you will have when done?

  7. That is a very pretty yarn…I love looking at batts and wondering how they will turn out…and it is such fun to have friends who spin – so I get to see what some of those batts look like.

  8. You’re creating such beauitful (and fun!) yarn.
    Most of the time, spinning only happens on the weekends. I need to spend more time spinning my existing stash, too!

  9. Beautiful! Love what you are currently spinning. Has a beach-y feel. Happy day, Carole!

  10. Bright ‘n cheery – especially like photo #2 as well. Nothing like transferring it from 1 stash to another ;o)

  11. I don’t spin myself, but have many friends that do. Your handspun is beautiful! I love the colors.

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