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Spun and Done!

You may recall, from a post back in April, that I was working at spinning down my backlog of Hello Yarn Fiber Club installments. At the time I wrote that post I said I had 2 bags left to spin. I’m pleased to report that those last 2 bags are spun and done.

I have to say, I think spun and done may be my new favorite phrase.

Hooray! Spun and done. I’m just going to keep saying it.

The May 2010 fiber was 4 oz of BFL/tussah silk called Floating Down.  I left it as singles and have about 200 yards.

And the July 2010 fiber was 4 oz of Mixed BFL Wool Top called Troublemaker. I plyed it and got about 175 yards worsted weight.

As much as I loved this fiber club, I am so glad to be done with it. I just don’t spin often enough to have 4 oz of fiber arriving at my house on a monthly basis. And seriously, it’s not like I don’t have a whole lot of other fiber to spin anyway.

Maybe now I can actually get to that. Care to join me? The Tour de Fleece is right around the corner and I hope to have a fleece spun and done.

I told you I was going to keep saying it.


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  1. So beautiful! I need to get going on spinning down my fiber stash. The plan is to take a remedial lesson in spinning to get back on track and then get serious with spinning down the fiber!

  2. That spun-and-done fiber is beautiful! I don’t spin . . . but I sure love to see what you create! (I’m a cheerleader on the Tour de Fleece sideline.)

  3. Gorgeous spinning. I think that my hesitance with clubs is that I’m afraid I’d get stuff that I didn’t love and it would sit. I’d rather pick and choose myself. Way to go on finishing it all up.

  4. Beautiful skeins! What will you do with your singles? I have many bags of HY to spin up. Spinning down a few will be one of several TdF goals. Add parts of 2 CVM fleeces and another 4 oz of CVM in a contrasting color to the mix for Currach (Ennea Collective). Spun and done it will be.

  5. I confess, I decided not to even consider learning to spin since I will likely never make it through the yarn I own (and will supplement that with). I’m curious though, how much does a fleece way on average? Are we talking several ounces or a few pounds?

  6. Your spun and done yarn is spectacular! True works of art, Carole. I will be cheering for you in Tour de Fleece. I’d better go get some pom-poms!

  7. I love the singles! Need to spin more, in general, but maybe more singles. One of my favorite shawls is knit from my singles. It must feel like a weight to be free of the fiber club. I feel the same way and rarely join clubs of any sort anymore. (However, I did join Kim’s yarn club….couldn’t help it). )

  8. I see bags and t-shirts — Spun & Done! or even a colorway series…Spun & Done Adventures…

    Beautiful skeins! I think my favorite is Troublemaker.

  9. I love the name “Floating Down” and it is absolutely gorgeous!

    How sick is this? I don’t spin (and cannot even look that way), but want so badly to do a Tour de Something-That-Starts-With-F-(not-fleece).
    ; )

  10. Oh Carole – you are a sly inspiration you are! I got an 8 oz bump of some merino/alpaca/mohair last weekend and my wheel has been calling me. I LOVE to spin in the summer – out on the deck and the TdF always calls me. I do have a bit of vacation planned in the middle of it this year so likely won’t officially join, but will maybe ride with the amateurs! Your spinning is always so lovely and inspirational.

  11. So very pretty. I am in love with the colors of floating down and hope to make a nice cardigan or pullover out of troublemaker. 😀

  12. Pretty! I am swimming in unspun fiber — maybe I will join you! I am joining you in the TTL shawl group — I’m doing an Ulmus Rectangle.

  13. Your singles are so pretty! I’m still working on getting a good single yarn – it always looks like a cork screw!

    I’m joining TdF as well. My original goal was to spin the fleece I got this year. I have about 1/4 of it washed and carded. I need to finish washing it – but the rain would have to stop first!! That aside, I am weaving a blanket for a wedding present with handspun so I think I have to abandon the fleece anyway and spin for that.

  14. Both of those are just lovely. I am looking forward to the Tour…that is what really got me spinning last year and I really need to get back to it.

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