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My Man Got Ink!

I got my first tattoo in 2000, the year tattooing became legal in Massachusetts. It was a simple vine and a couple of flowers above my right ankle. I have since added to that tattoo and gotten two others but when I got that first one I distinctly remember Dale saying, “good for you, I love it, but it’s not for me. I’ll never get a tattoo.”

Fast forward 11 years . . .

Dale now has a tattoo.

His inspiration for the design comes from his love for Civil War history and reenacting. The arm and sword is the arm of Myles Standish from the Massachusetts State Flag as depicted on the original Massachusetts Volunteer Militia button used by the soldiers from our beloved commonwealth.

It’s perfect for him. And you know what I said? “Good for you, I love it, I’m glad you decided it is for you after all. And now I need to get another tattoo.”

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  1. Heh heh… funny how that worked out, yes? Good for him, it’s a very striking and thoughtful design. Like you said, perfect for him.

  2. I admit to being in the “Good for you, but it’s not for me” camp, but I’ve gotta say – that tat is perfect for Dale, and it looks great on him.

  3. I have so many involuntary scars that I’ve never seen the point of getting one on purpose. Have to say, though, that Dale’s tattoo is quite attractive.

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