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Photobooth Fun

As I said on Monday, my most favorite thing about Dale’s party was the photo booth we set up in the yard.  I got the idea from a few DIY wedding sites and I knew I wanted to give it a shot.

I made a backdrop from blue fabric that was covered with white puffy clouds and Dale hung it between 2 trees on the side of our yard. We hauled an old bureau out of our attic and sanded it down to get rid of some graffiti left by the kids. Then I took a rubber mallet to it and banged away. Dale antiqued it with some black paint and it was just the look I wanted.

I picked up some chalk board signs at a craft store and we filled the bureau drawers and the area around the backdrop with hats and clothes and various costume stuff we found in our garage.

My idea was that everyone at the party would visit the photo booth at some point and get their picture taken. I wanted it to serve as a sort of “guest book” of the event. And it worked! To make it easy on me I enlisted the help of a good friend of Hannah’s. He’s got a good camera so I gave him one of my memory cards and asked him to take all these photos. I never could have done it without him.

This is our esteemed Police Chief with his wife – she’s a 1st grade teacher. They were the first ones to get their picture taken and I was so happy when I looked over and saw them posing.

While I know not everyone wanted to do this, most people did and they really had fun dressing up and posing. The kids dressed up the most early in the day.

But  as the beer flowed the adults got more involved.

I love the big group photos.

But I also love the photos of couples. Some are husband and wife.

Some are father and son.

Some people even posed alone, like my girlie, Hannah. I just love this photo of her.

My favorite photo of the day, though, is this one of Dale and our friend Lucy. I love their expressions and it just epitomizes everything I wanted the photo booth to be.

Finally, because I know you will ask, I did pose with the birthday boy. That leather jacket was his a billion years ago and it doesn’t fit either one of us now.  We look pretty happy, though, right?

This experience was so much fun and really not a lot of work at all. Get yourself a photo booth for your next big party. You won’t regret it!

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  1. You look good in black leather! Those pictures are such a keepsake, they should be printed & labeled in a photo album for the generations to come.

  2. Carol, your party looked spectacular all the way around and
    sounds like it was so much fun. I love the photo both and

  3. What a fantastic idea!! You should go into business as a party planner, because every time you post about one of your shindigs, I wish that I had been there.

  4. Carole, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You are a party planner extraordinaire!! I love that you say it “was not a lot of work at all.” 🙂

  5. If I ever decide to have a great big party I’ll hire you! The pictures are wonderful and a great memory of Dale’s special day. Way to go!

  6. What a great pictorial memory of Dale’s party! When we got home, we realized that we’d never gone over to the photo booth … bummer! The girls had a blast dressing up & getting their photos taken. You are definitely a great party planner … and I’m so glad to be included in some of them 🙂

  7. It was a wonderful idea – and you did a great job implementing it!!

    I wish we had posed – every time I looked over, there was a line so we were waiting until there was no line and no group of kids and alas, there was never a good time :o(

  8. Great photos! It was fun watching everyone queuing up for their turn. I have to say you look very trim with that leather jacket on. Love it. 🙂

  9. Now that is the most fun idea I’ve ever seen for a party! It looks like everyone had a GREAT time with the props — and you’ll have such wonderful memories of a great day. Wow! So fun.

  10. Looking at these pictures makes me want to be one of your neighbors!!!! Your parties look fab! The group pics are hilarious! Glad the weather cooperated…

  11. Carole,

    I truly think you missed your calling! I know you love being a librarian – but, party planner would really suit you!

    Great photos and the photo booth is truly a fun idea…

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