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Happy Birthday, Ambrynn

I feel like I need to play a little catch up with the blog as we did some fun stuff last week while the kids were here and I haven’t told you about any of it yet. Let’s start with the New England Aquarium, shall we?

We went on Tuesday the 28th, Ambrynn’s 6th birthday. She knew we were doing something special to celebrate her day but she didn’t know what it would be.

We took the MBTA into the city and it was Ambrynn’s first time with public transportation. I had to record it for posterity, you know. How sad is it that this is the only picture of everyone together on this particular visit? And it isn’t even everyone. Oh well.

My friend Brian is an aquarist at the aquarium and he was kind enough to give us a backstage tour of the facility. We saw the tanks from the backside, we saw where the fish sick are kept in quarantine, and we saw all kinds of things the aquarium staff does to keep the place up and running.

Ambrynn now thinks I know people in high places, too, and that’s okay by me.

Everyone loved seeing all the fish and the seals. They loved touching the starfish and the stingrays. But for me it’s all about the penguins. I could watch them all day long. They make me smile.

We ended the afternoon with food and drink outside. There was this place, right outside the aquarium. And then there was the Ames Plow Tavern at Fanueil Hall, where we ate delicious burgers and also enjoyed a fantastic street performer/contortionist.

Finally we made our way home for fresh caught striper thank to Brant’s fishing trip the day before, and ice cream cake in honor of Ambrynn’s birthday. I hope it’s a birthday she won’t soon forget.

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  1. It looks like it was a great day for the birthday girl and everyone
    else! Love those penguins!!! They make me smile also.

  2. Awwww… Ambrynn has such a sweet little face and with those gorgeous eyes she’s going to break some macho hearts when she’s older!!!

  3. Ambrynn is as cute as she can be–surely a member of future heartbreakers of America. Your day sounds great and it never hurts to be a VIP! Jo

  4. The penguins ARE very beguiling. Did you know that you can (or could) rent the Aquarium for occasions? We attended a family wedding there in the 90’s, and the penguins were kept up very late by the band and the revelers; I felt sorry for them.

  5. Sounds like the perfect way to spend your 6th birthday … or any summer day, for that matter! I love penguins, too – they’re so cute.

  6. A happy birthday celebration for sure…I think she’ll remember! And, you can bet she’ll be telling her friends about “your friends in high places!”

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