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Beach Party!

A week ago we had the privilege of being invited to celebrate with Blogless Sharon and her family as her grandson turned one. Sharon’s daughter, Heather, put together a fabulous birthday party at the beach by their home, and you know a party on the beach is my kind of party.

The party decorations were in shades of sky blue, ocean blue and orange. Heather made a festive garland from fabric strips that she hung between the two canopies they set up on the beach.

She had orange lollipops in little buckets.

And she made friendship bracelets for everyone to take home.

She also painted this mural for photo ops. I got a photo of Sharon and Al.

And Sharon got a photo of Dale and I.

We had burgers and dogs, lots of snacks, and yummy cake.

The day was perfect and I’m so glad we got to spend it in this gorgeous place with this little family!

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  1. What a perfect celebration! I especially love that garland! What a clever – and festive – idea.

  2. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures, and thank you for coming to celebrate with us! Your parties inspire me as well!

  3. Love the decorations and all that went with the party what a
    beautiful day! Your photos are fantastic. Was the party on
    the Cape?

  4. Ah! The beach. Beautiful day. Thanks for sharing it. Blue and orange – we see a lot of those colors here in Boise (AKA Bronco Nation)!

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