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Fiber Revival 2011

For years my family has gone on vacation the 3rd week of August. This year, however, to better accommodate various work schedules, we have changed our vacation to the 4th week of August. This provided me with the absolutely huge benefit of being able to go to Fiber Revival for the very first time. I was most definitely not disappointed!

Sharon and Jo-Ann and I tried to get an early start but Boston traffic delayed our arrival until nearly lunch time. It was okay, though, because that meant we didn’t have to wait at all before hitting the beer truck. Yes, I said beer truck. You have to love a fiber event that has beer.

And vendors. Some of my favorite vendors, in fact. Kim and Dave, Amy and Josette and many more.

There was vintage baseball going on in one of the fields and that was very cool. Truly, it was like watching a scene from Field of Dreams. I kept expecting to see Shoeless Joe come walking out of that cornfield.

Of course the highlight of the day was hanging with my peeps, chatting and spinning. I have had Jo-Ann on the hook for months now with the spinning bait and on Saturday I set the hook and reeled her in. She’s doing just fine with the spinning and I expect she’ll have a wheel of her own, and not my borrowed Lendrum, in no time at all.

Speaking of wheels, check out my friend Kelly’s pendulum wheel. So cool and so big, but I know I’d have conked myself in the head with that spindle if I’d had the guts to try it.

Kelly really does always have the coolest spinning stuff, like this beautiful Bosworth spindle made from flame box elder. It’s a work of art, I tell you.

I had such a fun day. It was relaxing and the setting was spectacular. My family vacation has been moved permanently because I can’t imagine missing out on this event now that I know how wonderful it is.

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  1. What a fabulous event! Wish that life had not prevented me from getting there yet again this year. This would make a cool stopover on our way to Maine!

  2. It also looks like you had the good weather, too! What a great fiber event. Being around friends, fiber, baseball and beer would be my idea of heaven.

  3. I totally agree with Margene. I could go to an event like that with my guy, if there’s baseball involved. And the beer couldn’t hurt, either. Looks like the finest kind of fun and shopping!

  4. You can’t say it better than Margene. Much as I love fiber, that baseball game would have been a powerful draw. I am so glad you got to go, and we got the report!

  5. It was a wonderful day! Fiber Revival was awesome, and the beer truck & vintage baseball merely added to the fun. I must admit, since learning to spin, I find myself petting my fiber at odd times …

  6. I’m with Vicki — beer truck and peeps would do it for me, too! Looks like a wonderful weekend! So glad you were able to go!

  7. Beer truck?! Yeah, that is one heckuva fiber fest. Why do fiber events in Wisconsin not have a beer truck? I need to work on that…

  8. The site of the Fiber Revival is only a few miles away from the beaches and Parker River wildlife reservation on Plum Island or great shopping in downtown Newburyport – lots of great little shops and places to eat. In downtown Newburyport there is a big wharf with boat rides or just to walk and look at all the boats in the harbor. Also, the Plum Island Airport has in the past had Civil War reenactor encampments complete with cannons! But, a word to the wise – avoid the area from around July 4th through early August when very nasty greenhead biting flies take over the place! Locals call them “The Plum Island Air Force”. They can be quite miserable for outside activities.

  9. It was a great day – can’t wait for next year. I loved the baseball games, vendors and meeting you and Joanne. Next year I will bring my knitting and hang out more.

  10. Like Vicki, I don’t spin, but it looks like there was plenty of “yarny goodness” to keep me happy. Beer and baseball and good friends to knit with would just put the whole experience over the top. I must mark my calendar for next year’s event.

  11. Birdsong stole my line! What a glorious way to spend the day!! I’ve not gotten hooked by spinning yet. I just cannot afford another hobby! I bet everyone will be delighted to change the family vacation tradition – cuz if Mama ain’t happy…..

  12. I am not a spinner, but I think I would’ve really enjoyed the event! (and definitely the beer and the sunshine!)

  13. It was great to see you there! It has always been a great time. Good job getting J to start spinning.

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