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DIY Vanilla

A few weeks ago on Pinterest I started seeing lots of pins for homemade vanilla. I immediately decided this was something I wanted to do for Christmas.

I got right on the stick and I ordered vanilla beans from Beanilla (I chose the madagascar ones) and bottles from Specialty Bottles.

And then I sort of forgot to get the vodka. And I kept forgetting to get the vodka.

The other day, though, I finally remembered and I made the vanilla the next morning. It couldn’t have been simpler, especially since I followed these directions.

I started by cutting each vanilla bean in half and then cutting each half into a V-shape. I laid all those little vanilla bundles out on my kitchen table and inhaled. Man, did that smell good.

I put 5 vanilla bean halves into each bottle.

And then I filled the bottles with vodka. They need to be stored in a cool dark place for 6 weeks and they will grow up to be vanilla.

Of course, these are Christmas gifts and Christmas is in less than 4 weeks, but whateverrrr. My friends will understand.

And if they don’t then NO VANILLA FOR YOU! (said in my best Soup Nazi voice).

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  1. Love the idea!!! Marvelously creative, thoughtful, and unique. All three attributes to describe YOU as well!!

  2. Yum!! If you have a vanilla bean left over, stick it in your sugar canister! It flavors the sugar with vanilla.

  3. I’m sure they’ll understand. Everyone needs something good to look forward to in January, right?! I’ve thought about this for ages, but never get around to doing it. There are beans and then they become Vanilla Bean Scones or some other treat and the idea goes away for a while. Maybe I need a science project for the winter?

  4. Funny as I’m in the same boat. Have the vanilla from the same place hanging out in the pantry. Just ordered the bottles thanks to your link. Vodka is up next. Thanks for posting.

  5. Just ordered two dozen little Ball mason jars with handles and sprinkle tops – now I know what I can put in them besides cinnamon.

  6. best damn vanilla you’ll ever use…… the best part is if you just keep adding more vodka it lasts and lasts! I keep saying I’ll do gifts, but instead I have a huge vodka bottle full of vanilla! 🙂

  7. the idea of making vanilla is so appealing. Loved the comment about placing a leftover bean in the sugar canister. You’re inspiring me to get back to homemade gifts!

  8. I did this for the first time last Spring and ended up giving my sister a full vodka-bottle of vanilla which she loved so much (and has USED ALREADY), she asked for more for Christmas. How can you beat a request like that? (And, even better, I still have vanilla beans.)

  9. Great idea Carole. I think I may make those for my spinning friends next year for Christmas. Your house must have smelled incredible!

  10. (I think this is why I don’t spend too much time on pinterest!) but I think you’ve done a great job with the vodka, at least based on the pictures 🙂 hope your friends enjoy (and if they don’t, well….)

  11. What an awesome gift idea! I need to get back to pinterest … since I’ve started my new job, I’ve forgotten about it. Need to load a button for it on my browser at work!! I’m sure all your gift recipients will be very understanding 🙂

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