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DIY Vanilla Update

You remember the homemade vanilla that I made a few weeks ago, right? The time has come to start distributing this deliciousness and I want to show you the labels that I made for it.

I got round printable labels at Michael’s and then went on the company website to download a template for them. I played around a bit with the font and color and finally settled on a design I liked. I had to actually tape the strip of labels to a sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 paper in order to get it to feed correctly through my printer but once I figured that out it went very quickly.

I am very happy with how they look and I had fun taking a few glamour shots of the bottles. Now I can’t wait to try the vanilla!

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  1. Carole, not only is this a lovely gift but I cannot believe how
    lovely the label is! When I first looked at the picture I thought
    you had purchased a new vanilla! I have to do this next year.
    Hopefully I can find your recipe. Actually I should find it now and print it! Very nice.

  2. They look gorgeous–what a lovely gift, Carole! (I love your festive nail color, too!) Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Beautiful presentation! Can’t wait to hear about the taste. Good vanilla makes all the difference in baking. Pardon me while I get out my cookie sheets.

  4. That looks super cute! I woke up this morning and told Lino that I was going to make vanilla for gifts — he said, “what about the bottles.” Oh, good point! Next year! Bring on the granola!!

  5. I’m a copy cat! This year i made your neopolitan cookies for a swap, and next year I’m making Vanilla… and I can’t count the number of pairs of socks i’ve made with your pattern! I must be a Carole wanna be!

    Thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your life.
    Merry Christmas my internet friend!


  6. I love everything about this! The idea, the effort and care, the awesome photograph, the holiday nail polish…. Classic (and Classy) Carole!

  7. Great labels….I’ll have to search them out at Michael’s. I also made the vanilla recipe you posted. For labels, I just made some hand lettered labels and used shipping tape to affix them. Still looks good, but I like your stickable labels. Merry Christmas!

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