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Ten On Tuesday

It’s the time of year when everyone is having or hosting a party, it seems. We’ve got two to attend on Saturday and I’m trying to be prepared and that got me to thinking about having something to bring to the hostess. This is all just a lead in to today’s topic, 10 Hostess Gift Ideas.

  1. Wine. You can’t go wrong with the standard. Put it in a pretty bag and you are good to go.
  2. Champagne. Everyone loves champagne this time of year and, just like the wine, bag it and you’re done.
  3. Candy. We have a candy store in town that makes fabulous hand dipped chocolates and a box from there is always appreciated.
  4. Cookies. If you’re going in this direction I really think they should be home made cookies. You are probably making them anyway so just set some aside for your hostess.
  5. Hand lotion. You know those OPI AvoJuice that come in all the yummy flavors? Bring one of those.
  6. Home made vanilla. See this post.
  7. Mixes in a jar. I’ve made them myself and they are great. Put a jar of homemade cocoa mix in a basket with a couple of mugs and some peppermint sticks for stirrers and you’ve got a wonderful hostess gift.
  8. Potted herbs. You can buy a pot of basil right in the grocery store. It smells great and it’s useful, too.
  9. Kitchen towels. I always see the pretty seasonal ones but I’d never buy them for myself. It would be great if someone brought me a set of those.
  10. Fresh flowers. It may be a little overdone but I think fresh flowers are always welcome!
I think this list will come in very handy!

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  1. yes, I’d love any of those! (I’d add a nice-smelling candle and fun cocktail napkins to the list…those are two I love to get – and give)

  2. You’ve got my go-to hostess gift on the list: dishtowels. Everybody needs them and there are so many lovely ones out that really spruce up a kitchen. When traveling, I bring Idaho specific gifts – Idaho beer, wine, chocolate, and Camille Beckman handcream. Beautiful holiday shot too, Carole. Christmas card worthy, indeed.

  3. My go-to hostess gift when we are house guests or dinner guests (unless it involves a plane) is either unbaked homemade cinnamon rolls or scones. Either can make an effortless delicious breakfast for the ‘morning after’ or be frozen for later. If we’re house guests, I often include coffee and/or tea with the goodies.

  4. If you know someone that is lactose intolerant, Russian Tea mix is a good substitute for cocoa. Some call it spiced tea: the recipe typically contains instant tea and Tang, along with spices.

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