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Ten On Tuesday

If you are anything like me, whether you are preparing to celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice or just the arrival of the weekend, my guess if you have a lengthy list of things to do. And you probably don’t have a lot of time to devote to writing a Ten On Tuesday list. That’s why this week’s topic is 10 Things You Have to Do Before Christmas or Hannukah or the Weekend. In my case it’s Christmas and here’s my list.

  1. Finish wrapping gifts. I only have 4 things left to wrap but I don’t have boxes for them and that’s the hold up right now.
  2. Go to iParty and get plates, napkins, forks, and knives for our Christmas Eve party. This should actually be accomplished by the time many of you are reading this.
  3. Buy the Swedish stuff – meatball mix, Swedish rye bread, cardamom braid, and Farmer’s cheese are all on the list.
  4. Finalize the menu for Christmas Eve. I pretty much know what I’m doing but I need to make a couple of decisions and then create a shopping list.
  5. Bake and decorate sugar cookies. This may not actually happen, it depends on how much time I actually have.
  6. Grocery shop. I need to get food (and drinks!) for Christmas Eve.
  7. Buy 2 more gifts. They are both gift cards and are both in the same strip mall so this should be relatively painless.
  8. Make an ice ring. I always forget to do this so I’m hoping posting it here will help me to remember.
  9. Work stuff – payrolls and schedules and monthly reports all need to be done by Thursday because I am on vacation next week. Hoo. And ray, too.
  10. Cook! This could be another 10 things alone – I have to make the macaroni & cheese and the baked party dip, the finger sandwiches and the Swedish meatballs and all the other goodies that are traditionally served at our house on Christmas Eve.
The good news is that I can pretty much relax and enjoy Christmas Day. And then there’s that vacation thing next week. I can hardly wait!

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  1. Each day this week I’ll be creating a list and revisiting the old one to see what did not get done. How wonderful you have next week off!

  2. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who has hit a snag in the wrapping department. Our lists are vary similar… and I’m thinking of crashing your place for leftovers – I haven’t had a good Swedish meatball in forever!

    Merry Christmas, Carole… and enjoy your vacation.

  3. My list is too long and, as I now realize, impossible. Women should have the week before Christmas off so they can have half a chance of being ready for the big day. At this point I’ll be cutting out what isn’t totally necessary.

  4. Seems I recall you have a healthy young adult at your house that could help with that list. ;^) Good luck!

  5. At least you’re ahead of me … I have not wrapped a single gift. There, I’ve said it. I’m a pro slacker in the wrapping department this year! Maybe tonight ….

  6. One of the things I miss from when Dobby still lived here? We used to pay her $1/gift to do the wrapping. I seriously hate wrapping…

    Yum! Swedish Meatballs!

  7. You are so kind to continue blogging with a big ole to do list. it is nice to have a weekend Christmas. It has always seemed crazy to me that end of year work and the most important holidays of the year fall at the same time. Good luck and Godspeed. Jo

    P.S. Is your Swedish meatball recipe an old family one?

  8. Your reminder-to-self about the ice ring makes me remember that I’ve been wanting to do layered ice sculptures outside — not necessarily for Christmas, but definitely this winter.

    Ready or not, Christmas!

  9. Hmmmm, cardamom braid… And Swedish rye! DH made a loaf on Sunday and we enjoyed about half of it at knitting last night. Turns out it is very good with sweet potato hummus and pickled cranberries! Who knew?

    Your list looks pretty doable. But a week’s vacation to recover sounds like an excellent plan! Have a wonderful holiday, Carole!

  10. Scrambling to help edit essays for my girl’s college apps, groceries, wrapping, and some mailing. But I’m pacing myself; let’s not call it procrastination. It’s not procrastination. Nope.

  11. Cooking? What cooking? /sigh I have not even begun to think about meals. But we’re pretty quiet on that front until just before New Years.

    But while you’re at it, I’d make enough for leftovers – so you don’t have to cook on your vacation 😉

  12. I’ll bet that list is half done by now 🙂 hope you’re enjoying every minute of it (except maybe that work thing…ugh!) – only 4 more days to go!! merry christmas!

  13. my to do list is not so intensive as i don’t have to cook. but i’ve got wrapping to do and things to finish up at work because i too am off next week.

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