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A Month of Photos: February

Want to see my February photos? Of course you do!

It’s another month of daily life for me – some knitting, some spinning, a bit of food, a few flowers, and a few mediocre photos. You definitely need to click on it and make it bigger, though.

I’m not one for self promoting (well, I probably am since I have a blog and all) but I will say that it’s worth going over to my flickr photoset to see the full size image of Dale leaping for Leap Day. You know it’s true love when your guy goes out in the backyard and jumps around in the snow until you get the picture you want.

Just sayin.


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  1. that is a great leap-day photo! also love all the red tulips, chocolate and hearts. february was full of color, warmth and love!

  2. That Dale! Definitely a Keeper! Great shots, Carole. I love all the red . . . perfect POPS of color for a dull and dreary (looking) month.

  3. Just noticed all the lovely red that shows up in your photos. Even your new car matches the color of the month! The Leap Day photo is too cute; imagine snow on that day when we had virtually none this winter.

  4. Your photos are just fabulous Carole! I just love the Leap Day
    photo of Dale and his grin says so much!!

  5. Yuh, but…..the cookie pictures were the ones that got me. (Now I have to go eat something sweet, and it’s only 9:46 a.m.)

  6. Clearly, Dale is in love! The pictures are fun…can’t believe there were actually some I don’t remember.

  7. Great pictures!

    That fiber has some interesting colors in it. I like it!

    That Dale is amazing. He truly loves you <3

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