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One Special Afternoon

A couple of months ago I got an email from Margene that thrilled me. She said she was coming east for a family gathering on Smith’s side and that she wanted to see me while she was here. I quickly realized she was talking about Easter weekend and I immediately told my family that if the only day we could meet up turned out to be Easter Sunday then they would just have to make their own damn dinner. Heh.

As it turned out, Margene had a very small window of availability last Friday afternoon. Plans were made to gather at Terry’s house since Margene had to be in that area for her other commitments anyway, and Terry happens to be sort of in the middle for Kim and I. We had a wonderful mini-reunion of our September 2007 trip to Salt Lake City that also included, at the last minute, another frequent Utah traveler, Laurie.

We ate yummy food and chatted and knit. We laughed and told stories and reminisced of our trips out west. Best of all was that Dale finally got to meet Smith, something I’ve been wanting to happen since the first time I visited Margene in June of 2006. They hit it off as well as I knew they would and made grand plans for a visit to Yellowstone together.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – the friendships I have made since starting this blog are amazing. Kim, Terry and  I are in contact all the time, ever since bonding on that trip together. And even though Margene lives over 2,000 miles away we still talk frequently, email daily, and text regularly. We have worked on building a friendship that lasts despite distance and that grows despite busy lives.

Getting together in person every couple of years, though, that’s the gravy.

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  1. What a wonderful testament to friendship! So glad you all enjoyed your time together 🙂

  2. Blogland has been berry, berry good to us! Thank you for being a part of my daily life and for your friendship! The afternoon was another magical moment of friendship!

  3. How wonderful!!! You all look Mah-ve-lus! So glad everything worked out so you could get together.

    And I know what you mean, even the relationships with people I’ve met one town over make the blog one of my best mechanisms for making new friends!!

  4. Aww – that is wonderful that you all got to meet up for a while. I love how this knitting/internet thing has forged so many great friendships.

  5. Happy to hear that you had such a nice visit even if it was a short one. Someday I hope to meet Margene in person. I bet I’ll love her just as much as I love you. The people you meet over the internet really can be wonderful.

  6. Truly a very special time – how wonderful that you were able to get together! So far I’ve only been able to meet just a few blog friends, but hope to meet more in the future :^)

  7. beautiful photos, I have only been lucky enough to meet one blog friend for real so far but we couldn’t be closer if we tried, some day I hope to meet many others!!!!

  8. Amazing on distance and time never fades a good friendship! Wonderful picture of you all to commemorate a wonderful day!

  9. That sounds like such fun! I am glad you had the chance to get together. That is a great photo.

  10. I saw pix of that fun group on Laurie’s blog and on yours…what fun! My sis and I are headed for the hills tomorrow for a knitting weekend…can’t wait!

  11. What a great photo! You all look so happy. It is awesome that the husband’s bonded.

  12. This is so sweet- and in my mind, it’s proof that the world is a wonderful place! I have enjoyed your blog and Margene’s blog so much in the last several years and feel I’ve gotten to know you both a little bit. I applaud you both for putting so much of yourselves out there and entertaining and informing us!

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