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Decisions, Decisions

I was out on the deck late last Friday afternoon, knitting away on my new shawl, when I looked up just in time to see a broad shouldered hawk fly low across my front yard and land in the pine tree. The robins must have had a nest nearby because they immediately began sending out quite the alarm call. I called to Dale to come and see and to bring my telephoto lens. I was lucky enough to get off a few shots before the hawk finally gave up and flew away.

I was lucky enough, in fact, to wind up with 2 that I actually like. While it’s nice to have choices, I actually prefer to have one obvious shot-of-the-day so that I can process it, upload it to flickr, and be done. I do not, I suppose, appreciate the hard decisions that I sometimes have to make.

And so, I am going to leave it up to you all to decide. Tell me in the comments, please, do you like:

Broad Shouldered Hawk in Pine Tree?


Broad Shouldered Hawk in Maple Tree?

I await your decision.

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  1. Great shots! The only time I was able to get one was through our front window when it was up on a wire leading to a neighbors house. I like the pine tree one the best.

  2. Pine tree, cuz he’s looking at you. Looks similar to the red tail hawk in my blue spruce – Great shots!

  3. Wow, looks like he was posing for you. Awesome pictures. I like them both…I probably prefer the second picture because you can see the bird’s feet. They are really both great shots.

  4. Definitely the first one. The hawk’s face is much clearer and the greens of the pine are beautiful. Great photos.

  5. Maple. The color contrast is better and he’s looking down at you like you’re a baby bunny who should be home by now.

    Am I too late? ;^)

  6. heh. Where have I been? Apparently late to the party!! lol I think both pictures are fabulous but I like the pine tree hawk a bit better. Have you been following the hawk cam out of Cornell University? It’s been amazing to watch! Here is the link:

    Also, I hear you on the weight/fitness issue. A few years ago when I hit 50 my thyroid went nuts, I developed a heart arrythmia that required very high doses of beta blockers (which trash your metabolism), arthritis & bursitis in the hip makes movement very painful, and I hit menopause. Talk about mission impossible! I am working with a nutritionist who is worth my weight in gold. I am slowly and painlessly losing but it sure requires work and vigilence. Many people drop weight dramatically on her program but I’m not one of them. If you are interested in talking to her, let me know. Her office is in Bedford.

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