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Utah 2012, Part the Second

Ready to hear about the rest of my stay in Utah? Let’s go!

Saturday morning we were up early to head to Alta Lodge for the Rocky Mountain Knitters Retreat. We arrived in time for a delicious breakfast, checked into our rooms, and then headed for the deck to spend our time knitting. It was gloriously warm and I cast on for Wandering the Moor with that new Madeline Tosh.

At lunch time we were served beer – another local one for me – and yummy sandwiches and the afternoon began to pass all too quickly.

We knitted and chatted away, took a break to shoot some fun photos of our newly completed shawls (you already saw mine last week) and by 5pm we were ready for cocktails and cheese and more conversation. This was all followed by a delicious dinner, more cocktails and conversation, and then bed.

Sunday started with an amazing brunch and then Bloody Marys. There was more knitting and chatting but Kym’s departure was weighing heavily on all of us. I spent the early part of the afternoon tracking the Patriots game on my iPad and then continued to track it  – and screech at the climbing score of the Pats – as we headed to the airport.

There were quick hugs goodbye and I’m pretty sure both Margene and I felt a bit bereft as Kym walked towards that departure gate. We rallied, though, since we still had time together, and the rest of the evening was passed in fine style. Margene and Smith made us a delicious dinner, which we shared with Cheryl and her husband. There was, not surprisingly, more knitting and conversation.

Monday morning was spent relaxing but then at lunch time we met up with Cheryl, toured Smith’s garden, and went to Lone Star where I finally got to have their awesome fish tacos. We visited the library and then headed to downtown Salt Lake City where we toured the temple grounds and walked the streets for a bit.

The flowers were amazing and it was a glorious day to explore the city with my friend. We toured another canyon and then rested up a bit before a wonderful sushi dinner where we were joined by Margene’s friend Shelley, who is so much fun and such good company. It doesn’t hurt that she drives a fancy sports car, either, and we ended the evening touring some of Salt Lake City’s posher neighborhoods in style.

All too soon it was Tuesday morning and time for me to head to the airport. I was anxious to see Dale but terribly sad to leave Margene and the mountains. Still, I boarded that plane full of awesome memories and content with all I had done and seen. I’m already planning my next trip and I sure hope that one includes Dale.


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  1. What a wonderful visit! The western mountains never cease to amaze me though I see them on the other side of the Continental divide 🙂

  2. The scenery is so much different than here in New England. You must have loved taking your runs out there! And all of your shawls – gorgeous. There’s nothing like spending time with knitting friends.

  3. Sounds like a perfect little girls’ get-away! When you go back with Dale, think of all the lovely things you’ll get to share with him 🙂

  4. You take such great pictures and they all bring up wonderful memories of last week. Can it be it’s been that long since you were here? It was wonderful to share my city, my home, and my mountains with you and Kym.

  5. Sounds like a grand time was had by all! But you’ve left us wondering what some of those other gorgeous knits are in the group shot. We are knitters after all. ;^)

  6. I lived in the Salt Lake City area for quite a number of years and even graduated from the University of Utah. My oldest two children were born in SLC so your lovely pictures brought back many good memories. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

  7. I have knitting retreat envy! Your pictures are beautiful—thanks for sharing them with all of us. Are you going to show us the yarn you bought? (You know that is what we’re REALLY here to see!)

  8. What a wonderful trip! I have been to national parks in southern Utah, but not to SLC. It looks lovely. Are you planning to attend NYSW? I am going Sat. for the day and would love to meet you if are attending.

  9. It looks beyond-fun, Carole. And you have really captured the wonderful colors found in the Utah mountains.

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