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Gettysburg 2013

As you are aware, I was away from the blog last week. I was also away from home since Dale and I, along with my stepdaughter Jessica and her son Patrick, were in Gettysburg PA. You might ask, who on earth goes to Gettysburg in February? Well, apparently we do, mostly because the timing was right and we thought it would be fun to see what the landscape there looks like in the winter. I should point out that this was Dale’s 13th visit to Gettysburg and my 10th but it was the first for Jess and Patrick and that made it pretty special.

Frankly, there were lots of special things about this trip. First of all, there was the beautiful farmhouse we rented. It was located right at the base of Little Round Top, just on the edge of the battlefield. There were 5 pretty bedrooms, a big living room with a gas fireplace, a cheerful dining room and a really cute little kitchen. The off-season price was great and the 12 acres of land surrounded it were pretty awesome, too. It was the perfect place to hang out, play checkers, relax and recharge after touring.

Something else that was amazingly special was running on the battlefield. Yes, my dear readers, I actually went for a run on the Battlefield of Gettysburg. Dale dropped me off at the Pennsylvania Monument and I made a circuit of the roads there, ending with the high water mark. I listened to the soundtrack from the movie Gettysburg the whole time and it was inspiring and awesome. I actually got a little verklempt about the whole thing, marveling not only at my ability to run for a couple of miles but  also at the scenery and surroundings.

Other special moments included a brief snowstorm which covered the monuments with beautiful fluffy snow, our visit to the Cyclorama which is an amazing part of the new Visitor’s Center, and dining at all of our favorite Gettsyburg restaurants.

Truly, though, the best part was sharing it with Jess and Patrick. They were both pretty enthusiastic and interested in seeing all of the monuments and doing all of the things. Dale just loves explaining this battle to anyone who will listen and I was so grateful that he had someone new to talk to about it. Not that I’m sick of it or anything. Oh no, not at all. It’s just . . . well . . . you know what I mean. Right?

All in all, it was a great trip. It’s a long ride and the weather was pretty cold but it was great to be in this spot, to share the history with our kids, to enjoy it with Dale right before the 150th anniversary of the battle and . . . there was one other thing I was going to mention . . . what was it? Oh, right.

To drink Yuengling.

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  1. Love the farmhouse! What a great idea for a family trip. I’ve visited Gettysburg once and found it one of the most memorable trips we have taken. My husband has been working on his genealogy which may have a connection to a famous general from Maine. Alas no direct connection we can find yet.

  2. Sounds like great fun. I’m clearly losing my mind here. I looked at the dining room pic and thought, “Why is she showing us her dining room now?” Please tell me there might be some tiny resemblance to a room in your own home you’ve shown us? Or am I crazy and should I start collecting cats?

  3. I thought it was your house too!! 🙂 What a wonderful trip and your pictures are spectacular. I just found a Yuengling tshirt in Dan’s room – must be a Sal’s find. Looks like it will fit Doug great!

  4. Great vacation! Sometimes visiting off-season is the best so that you can really explore and enjoy! And that Yuengling beer is favorite of my DH & DS2. They enjoyed it at my nephew’s cousin this summer when his in-laws brought some from Ohio 🙂

  5. I remember standing on the battlefield at the age of 17 and the feeling that this ground was sacred filled my heart.
    Your vacation sounds like a very nice getaway. Your family really knows how to relax and enjoy!

  6. Welcome to my state! So glad you enjoyed your visit. As a typical local, I rarely go to the battlefields, much less the tourist places so it is fun to hear about it from your perspective. Plus, I’m thrilled that you had a Yuengling. It’s my favorite!

  7. I am not trying to be disparaging here – but why do we women tolerate/share the husband’s interests/passions when they NEVER attend a fiber fest with us? I’m still working out these men/women things (as well as my overuse of the the slash today) and have been affected by seeing “Makers” (a history of the women’s liberation movement) on PBS last evening.

  8. So glad you guys were able to share the love of Gettysburg with Jess & Patrick. The farmhouse is adorable, and I can imagine the feelings that surrounded and filled you while you ran on the battlefield.

  9. Haven’t read your blog in a sweet forever. So proud of you and the lifestyle changes you have made. Keep up the good work!

  10. Renting a farmhouse looks like such a good idea. I haven’t been on a real vacation (which doesn’t make any sense with my copious vacation time) for years. I’ll have to check this out.

  11. I haven’t been to Gettysburg (yet), but if it is anything like Vicksburg, I’m sure it was humbling and awe inspiring and all that other stuff.

  12. Interesting comment about husbands and fiber fests. First, I would not want my husband at a fiber fest–he already discovered the breadth of my stash when we remodeled our home. Second, I think we women just have more ability to go beyond our normal comfort zone. How do you find such great places to,stay? I’m in awe!

  13. Because we live approximately 2 hours west of Gettysburg, and love history (my hubby spent 45 minutes deciphering G. Washington’s handwriting in the original journal pages at Fort Ligonier. Seriously!) we’ve never been there. Isn’t that always the way? Plenty of Yuengling here though….

  14. We live in Baltimore, so we don’t go very often…you know how it is with things in your own backyard? We do like the Yuenling’s though…yum.

  15. what a great thing for Dale to share – and while I can’t imagine any of the Civil War sites are ideal for winter visits, that photo with the snow on the monument is pretty cool. and I love that you got to run there!

  16. It all sounds ideal, Carole. The farmhouse is so charming; sure beats the Best Westerns we always find ourselves in on vacations! Your pictures inspired me to pull The Killer Angels off my bookshelf and bookchat it with my class tomorrow.

  17. What a wonderful trip and fantastic photos! The one of Patrick in the uniform just got me – what an experience! Thanks for sharing.

  18. What a great trip! My brother fulfilled a long-time dream a few years ago and relocated to Gettysburg with his family. He loves studying the battle and walking the fields. I suspect he and Dale would hit it off!

  19. Oh, how fun, and what a great farmhouse!

    The only time I’ve been to Williamsburg it was winter… it was so beautiful, and I know it isn’t even “prime” time. I really love visiting places in the off-season when it’s quiet and peaceful, at rest.

  20. When we visited Gettysburg in 2002 our two boys, then 12 and 16, re-enacted Pickett’s Charge (minus the armament). The weather even cooperated — ninety degrees and humid.

  21. Sounds like a lovely trip – particularly the farmhouse you rented. What a gem!

    I love Gettysburg! I went to high school in a neighboring town, and spent my high school years hanging out at the battlefield at Devil’s Den, drinking coffee at the nearby Perkins, and my high school sweetheart lived on a 40-acre farm on the outskirts of town. It’s a great little town. I have very fond memories, and it sounds like you do too. 🙂

  22. That looks so lovely. I cannot remember how many times you and Dale have been there since I’ve known you. It seems like a lot. I’ve been to Pennsylvania and passed by Gettysburg so many times and never stopped there. One day I’ll check it out.

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