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Send In the Clown

The other day Dale and I went to Savers to get some stuff for our upcoming Halloween party. He needed a jacket for his costume, I needed a dress for mine, and we wanted to poke around for sheer curtains and candelabras and such. While we were there we found a very creepy clown doll. Hannah, like so many people, is freaked out by clowns and when Dale picked up the doll I said we had to buy it. We schemed the whole way home about where we could hide it to best scare the crap out of her.

We’re good parents. Really.

Anyway, Sunday afternoon we had friends over to watch the Pats game (sigh) and while they were here we called Hannah downstairs to empty the dishwasher and Dale went up to her room and stuck the clown in her bed. She went back upstairs and, while Dale claims her heard her scream, she says she didn’t and I didn’t hear a thing. She did come back downstairs, though, and she was pretty rattled and kind of angry. Also, she didn’t have the doll in her hands because, well, she was afraid to touch it. Mission accomplished.

My plan was to then put the doll away and maybe use it as a prop at our Halloween party. There’s just one problem.

A certain cat is completely enamored of this doll.

He sits with it, he puts his little kitty arms around it, he snuggles up to it, he purrs and gazes at it adoringly. It’s downright creepy, I tell you.  But I’m not going to get rid of something that my little guy loves so much.

Payback really is a bitch.

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  1. That is too funny! Now you’re stuck … and poor Hannah! Having the cat flaunt his opposite-of-a-clown-phobia all out in public like that.

  2. Yep, that karma sure has a way of coming around … the clown looks lovely with your decor. Ahem.

  3. May be your furry friend can share with Hannah all the endearing qualities of his new clown friend. This is too funny!

  4. That is really weird. Hopefully, the attraction will wear off as cats are quite fickle.
    Our best hiding-to-scare place? Tape the clown to the underside of the toilet seat cover. Of course, you wouldn’t want the scaree to have an accident……

  5. I am wordless. Cats are definitely an enigma! Hope Hannah has recovered–I’ll be looking for your post on payback.

  6. Can’t stop laughing. My daughter also hates clowns; also reminds me of my dear, departed cat who loved my winter boots. Snuggled up with them, purring and hugging them. Too funny!

  7. I can see Hannah packing her bags and moving onto the campus soon! LOL.

    My friends did the same thing to their daughter and it was hilarious. How can you get rid of it now? Mason is just so in love <3

  8. I think the clown’s blue eyes are reminding your cat of his kittenhood memories of his mom’s blue eyes! Or maybe he’s just keeping the clown pinned to the couch so he can’t hurt Hannah.

  9. I am also creeped out by clowns and that one is particularly creepy. Too funny that you are now having to have it around. You are right, payback IS a bitch, and you are getting it in a big way.

  10. Oh, Goodness. I can’t stop laughing, and I really needed that today. The cat is in love with the clown!!

    I’m toally in agreement with Hannah… to me, the only thing that would be worse than a clown would be a zombie clown. With a monkey.

  11. Is it possible Mason is getting back at Hannah for something? Cats are pretty vengeful creatures.

  12. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. If I were in your place I’d do the same thing — as much as I detest and abhor clowns, if my kitty Lucy wanted a clown doll, she’d get a clown doll. Just please don’t let Mason email her to tell her about his new best friend.

  13. I collected clowns when I was a kid. My room would have been a torture chamber for poor Hannah. I can’t wait to hear how she gets back at you and Dale!

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