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A Month of Photos: February ’13

And here we have a mosaic of my photos from the month of February. Nothing too unusual but there are some bits from vacation and that’s always fun to include.

Of course there are the usual flower photos and food photos and stuff from my daily life. I also started using the daily photo prompts from the Fat Mum Slim blog and those are really helpful for the times when I’m feeling completely uninspired.

I hope you find some inspiration today!

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  1. As usual, a lovely collection of photos, Carole! (February is short, I know, but doesn’t it seem that you were just posting a monthly collage, like . . . yesterday?)

  2. Enjoying my chobani and your photos! I’ve been doing the FMS prompt on Instagram since mid January and really enjoying it. It’s fun to think outside the box!

  3. Now I really want a cream puff. I cannot even remember the last time I saw a cream puff in person. Obviously that means it was too long ago.

  4. Okay, February is short but really??????? A month of photos is always fun… Love the fence! The military statue is cool, was it from your Gettysberg trip?

  5. love all the contrasts… snow and daffodils, especially. you always highlight fresh flowers and that latest bouquet is a favorite!

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