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A Month of Photos: January ’13

I just went over to my flickr account to see when I completed my first Project 365 and it was in 2010 which means that I have just started my 4th year of taking a photo every single day. It’s a challenge some days, I tell you, and sometimes my photos are mediocre at best. And then other days I get just-the-shot I wanted and it’s wonderful. Mostly it’s about finding inspiration and not taking the same shots over and over again. So, here’s the month of January in pictures:

More of the usual but all pictures that jog my memory about the things that happened last month: ending the holidays, baking cookies, knitting and tulips and cold weather and more. It’s a great way to reflect back.

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  1. I do love seeing these collages. and I’m very impressed FOUR years! I only managed two…separated by two years! (this year I’m doing a prompted photo and it’s a lot different).

    anyway – you did get some great shots…love that squirrel! and all the pops of color (flowers and yarn, mostly, but food, too) to chase away the January blahs…

  2. Your pictures tell a story of your year. I become discouraged because my pictures are poor, the light is bad and my imagination is on holiday. You have developed a eye for the shot!

  3. Those bare limbed, backlit trees are spectacular! For me, that one shot would make the whole month worthwhile. Of course, your batting (clicking?) average is much higher than mine will ever be.

  4. Second row down, last on right – have you seen the mittens on Rav that look like that? (If I could remember their name, it would be helpful.) I’ve GOT to make those, in your photo colors.

  5. I love the picture of the scroll like object! Your pictures are a pleasure. I’ve been doing picture a day in Instagram – a first and hopefully the road to improvement!

  6. I love the idea of it but I’m lucky to remember to brush my hair every day. A picture a day is way to much for my overcrowded pea brain.

  7. I can’t keep up, but am finding a few minutes here and there to catch up. Your photos certainly helped to brighten things up!! I’m ready for spring!

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