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Thursday Challenge: Games

The theme for this week’s Thursday Photo Challenge is games. Oooh, I have a good one for that.

I took this photo last fall and it depicts one of my favorite ways to spend a Friday or Saturday night in the winter. Drinking beer, eating snacks, and playing rummy with Dale.

Sometimes I even let him win.

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  1. Good times, although in my house we play cribbage generally with some rummy sprinkled in and euchre when we can find other players.

  2. That’s one of our favorite ways to spend the winter nights too. Especially when my hubby’s cousins come to visit. We stay up all night playing cards!

  3. We both love to play cards, but we don’t often think to do it when it’s just the two of us. Maybe it’s time for me to start suggesting we do that instead of watching tv 🙂

  4. Good reminder– we enjoy cards or 42 with dominos, but kind of forget when it’s just the two of us. Thanks.

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