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A Month of Photos: May

It seems like we were just talking about the things we were looking forward to in May and here it is the beginning of June. It’s cliche but it’s true: time certainly flies when you’re having fun. Here’s my photo mosaic for the month of May.

Lots of macros there, as you can see. I held out and didn’t take any flower photos until Mother’s Day and then Hannah gave me a beautiful bouquet and I caved. It was pretty much all flowers, all the time after that.

And now it’s June and that means graduations and cook outs and Jimmy Buffett and more! There are photo ops every day, get out there and find them!


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  1. I just got a new camera last week so I am looking for photo ops all the time now. I’m anxious to take flower pictures and experiment with the different camera settings.

  2. Can’t ever be too many macros when they’re all of beautiful and/or yummy stuff. What could beat flowers, yarn and dessert?

  3. Like your other commenters, I was struck by your lovely pops of yellow. You clearly were looking forward to the coming sunshine!

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