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Ten On Tuesday

It is now officially summer here in the Northern Hemisphere – my favorite time of year! Seriously, the only way I survive all those cold and grey winter days is to think about summer and all the things I can do outside without freezing my ass off. And so, today our topic is: 10 Things I Want To Do This Summer.

  1. See Jimmy Buffett. Is it cheating to list something that I’ve already done? I say it’s not and it’s my list so I make the rules.
  2. Go to Alton Bay, NH and visit Jo-Ann and Shawn. Swim in Lake Winnipesaukee, ride in the boat, hang out and have fun.
  3. Eat all of my favorite summer treats: lobster, steamers, fried clams and ice cream. All in moderation, of course. Well, except for the lobster. And outside whenever possible.
  4. Drive around in the Jeep with the roof down.
  5. Relax on the beach. Read. Knit socks. Drink beer. All while relaxing on the beach.
  6. Run in the Run to the Rock 5K and beat last year’s time.
  7. Hang around in Plymouth with Len and Peg. We were supposed to do this last month but the night we picked was rainy so we’re  holding off for one of those beautiful summer evenings.
  8. Catch a keeper striper. This goes on my list every year. Some day, maybe some day, it will actually happen.
  9. Sit on the deck with Dale. I want to do this a LOT.
  10. Go back to West Island. I’m checking this one off my list really really soon.

How about you? What do you want to do this summer? If you wrote a blog post be sure and include your link below.

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  1. I never got an email! Oh well…your list about takes care of all the good stuff! I want to do more hiking and being out of doors.

  2. To your list I will add fireworks, sitting around a campfire at night, and reading on the beach 🙂

  3. You’ve got it all covered — from the lazy days of summer to taking advantage of the nice long days for lots of exercise and activity. I am so jealous of the lobster eating part…..

  4. Hate to admit this but I was quickly scanning the blog this morning and came to a screeching hault when I miss read number 8 …thought it said “catch a keeper stripper….” until I slowed down and read it again! I wondered what you were up to!

  5. i think this is the one thing you and i disagree on. i hate summer. with the heat of a 95 degree humid day. the chafing, the sweating. having no choice but slather spf 50 on my skin so that i don’t burn (even while sitting in the car) and now get all wrinkly and covered in age spots. the chalky white residue. the constant hair removal. ugh.

  6. We’ve been adding more roses and trees to our already lush backyard. Once all the digging and clay-busting is over (this was easier when we were younger. I don’t know what we were thinking!), I have big plans to do a lot of nothing in that yard. My girls and I have planned to learn how to make jam and how to sew a skirt this summer, and we have some day hikes and bike rides planned. Love, love, love summer!

  7. Nice list! I’d like to go back to an island, have at least two more neighborhood bbq’s, and create my own signature sangria. Oh, and of course, KNIT!

  8. Pretty much all my lists have something I’ve done on it. I need to cross things off right away to build momentum. “get up” or “shower” often make the list…

    I’m so glad it is summer!! Hurrah!

  9. That all sounds wonderful! I’ll be rooting for you in that 5K and enjoying vicariously the wonderful New England food and sights. Please share generously!,

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