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Ten On Tuesday

The 4th of July is just two days away and that means burgers on the grill! And while my husband prefers the simplicity of a thick slice of tomato and nothing else, I like to get a little more creative with my hamburger toppings, as you’re about to see. Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is: 10 Favorite Hamburger Toppings.

  1. American cheese. It’s the classic topping for a reason.
  2. Bacon. Everything is better with bacon.
  3. Lettuce. Iceburg, please.
  4. Mayo. I know, I know, ketchup is healthier but if I have lettuce then I must have mayo
  5. Ketchup. If I don’t have lettuce then I’m good with ketchup. And I like extra for dipping.
  6. Mustard. I actually like to spread a little mustard on the raw patty before I grill it – it adds a great zest without being overwhelming.
  7. Sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. This is great with a bit of garlic, too.
  8. Pickles. Dill chips. Or those sandwich stacker things.
  9. Avocado. It has to be firm and not mushy, though, a tricky state to achieve with avocados around here.
  10. Blue cheese. This is when for I’m feeling all gourmet.

And now, I’m hungry for a burger and I’m not sure I can wait until Thursday! Did you play along? Be sure and click to add your link.

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  1. We like cheddar cheese, sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions. But the price of good ground beef has gone up so much this past year that we rarely make hamburgers anymore. This 4th we’re thinking about pulled pork and potato salad. Have a good one!

  2. We’ll probably go for ribs on the 4th! No matter what we do it will be a fun do to heat up the grill and sip on ice tea, martinis, ice cold beer and lots of fun food. clink Happy 4th, Carole!!

  3. Yummy list! No burgers for us on the 4th. We have a family reunion and there are always family dishes – like halupki (cabbage rolls) and pierogis – plus lots of family favorites including steamed clams!

  4. If it ever stops raining, we’ll be sure to fire up the grille and cook some thick juicy burgers! I agree with everything on your list 🙂 And my hubby is right there with Dale – plain Jane, lettuce and tomato (maybe with a little onion be nice)!

  5. Mango salsa and goat cheese on a GF veggie patty = de-lish! My kids will be at various parties on the fourth. I need to come up with a fun plan for just the two of us.

  6. mmmm, my mouth is watering and I’m wondering where I can get a good burger within walking distance of my office…

    and bleu cheese is one of my favorite burger toppings – especially a nice gorgonzola paired with chipotle bbq sauce. yum!

  7. Ketchup on the bottom touching the meat, mayo on the top touching the cheese or tomato/lettuce. No need to decide!

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