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A Month of Photos: July 2013

Here we are at the beginning of August – time to look at my photos from the month of July. I’d be holding out on you if I didn’t admit that I could have actually posted this last Thursday, it being August 1st and me actually having all of my July photos processed. But you know what I did, sneaky devil that I am? I wrote this post  last Thursday and set to publish today so that I could enjoy my weekend without thinking about coming up with a blog post for this morning. Forgive me? You will once you see all these pretty photos.

And there you have my month of July. A couple of trips, a couple of dogs, food, flowers, cocktails and FUN.

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  1. That’s a colorful collection of memories! You have such a great eye, Carole. Happy Monday.

  2. I just haven’t wanted to take time for pictures or for posting. You’re smarter and better organized than I am! Looks like you had a fabulous month!

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