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Three Fun Things on Thursday

It’s been another week of finding fun in the every day over here at Carole Knits. There has been the fun of :

  • Watching the Mayflower II return to her berth in Plymouth Harbor. It was really cool and wicked fun to see her come into the bay even if she wasn’t sailing on her own power. There were lots of people on the dock to greet her and we waved flags and shouted huzzah. And then we had lobster rolls.

  • Having a dinner party. Okay, this was actually not fun at first because I was way stressed out over having these 2 couples over for the very first time. But once I got the menu figured out and I started to think about how much I actually like these particular people, well, then it started to become fun. And the night of the party was totally fun and we ate good food, and drank wine and laughed and got to know each other better and now I can’t wait to have them over again.
  • Watching my father-in-law’s cat, Baby. She just cracks me up because she acts like our house is her house and she totally adores Dale. I think it’s because his voice sounds so much like Jack’s but, whatever the reason, she comes running when he talks to her and it’s really cute and also fun.

Fun is good, you know.

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  1. Love the idea of fun everyday! My fun yesterday was making serious progress on a puzzle while completing the painting in our new bedroom in Maine. Now on to the real fun decorative elements!

  2. fun is VERY good! I love that when we intentionally look for it, we always find it! and it’s infectious, like smiles and laughter. happy Thursday!

  3. Fun is very, very good. (And it’s everywhere, too.)
    Isn’t it funny how stressful it is, sometimes, to have a little fun?

  4. I woke up dreaming of having a dinner party and cooking up EVERYTHING that’s coming out of the garden. WHAT was I THINKING!? It does sound fun to share food and laughs with good friends but prep work is pure stress. The Mayflower is very dear to me. My dad’s ancestry goes back to John Alden and Priscilla Mullins and others. You sure know how to pack a load of fun into a week!

  5. Fun in the everyday is the best! I always get stressed when I have people over for dinner, even my family. I’m always worried the house isn’t clean enough or something isn’t perfect. It’s so ridiculous.

    How does Baby get along with Mason? What a pretty cat!

  6. I wish I enjoyed entertaining as much as you do! Well, I enjoy the having fun & laughing part … the prep and readiness, not so much. Glad to know it isn’t just me 😉 You always manage to squeeze every last drop of fun out of anything you do … one of the myriad reasons I love you 🙂

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