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Field of Flags, 2013

You may recall that last year, in honor of Veteran’s Day, my Kiwanis club did something really cool – we placed 1,000 flags on our town common.

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If you don’t recall you can read about it here.

We are going to be doing it again this Saturday and I, for one, can’t wait. We’ve got a ceremony planned and the flags will be up for 2 full weeks this time and it’s just an honor to do this and to share the proceeds with Fisher House.

We’ve met over 50% of our goal now which means we’ve got just over 500 of those flags sponsored. We’re hoping to have all of them sponsored by the end of the week and, while I know most of you don’t live in my town, I know that some of you reading this do. I also know that some of you might want to support this event anyway, especially since we split the proceeds 50/50 with Fisher House and they are a national organization.

Sponsoring a flag is $10 and you can designate it to be in honor or in memory of someone if you choose. Follow this link to make a donation via PayPal and thanks – on behalf of veterans and Kiwanis clubs everywhere.

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  1. What an inspiring sight! I am planning to learn a bit about Fisher House. can’t believe I’ve never heard of it.

  2. That’s so neat Carole! Great job organizing and executing such a great tribute! What time is the ceremony on Saturday?

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