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A Trip North

Before I go off on my next adventure – hullo SPA – I really ought to catch you up on my last one. And so we begin . . .

white mountains for carole knits

Weekend before this last one Dale and I went up to New Hampshire to spend a couple of days with our dear friends Kim and Ken. They welcomed us into their cozy and charming home like we were family. Truly, I felt completely at home and at ease with them. We shared some wine and some snacks and then headed out for a sleigh ride. Yes, my friends, a sleigh ride. Does it get more quintessentially New England in the Winter than that? I think not. I have no pictures but rest assured – it was fun. And it was cold! We spent the rest of the evening warming up with drinks and a delicious dinner and storytelling.

carole and dale with little beers for carole knits

On Monday we headed up to the Ice Castle at Loon Mountain. Of course we fortified ourselves with a great lunch (and flights of beer) at The Woodstock Station first. So, the Ice Castle? Much like the sleigh ride – fun. And cold!

dale at ice castle for carole knits

We ended the day with a yummy dinner made by Kim. More laughing. More stories. More growing closer as friends. It was wonderful. And not at all cold.

Our original plan was to head home on Tuesday but the snow came and we stayed another night – this time in a motel. It was an impromptu decision and, well, you know how those can go. It turned out quite right, though, and it gave us the opportunity to have breakfast at Peaches. Should you ever go, I highly recommend the Lobster Benedict. Ahem.

On Wednesday we couldn’t put if off any longer and we headed home. Snow squalls in Kittery slowed us down a bit and a 3 hour ride ended up taking nearly 6 hours. Traveling north in February is not for the feint of heart, I can tell you that.

Still, it was worth every moment for the fun and fellowship we had with our friends and with each other.

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  1. Oooh, I never heard about the Ice Castle – going to have to put that on our list for next winter! So glad you had this time to cement even further the friendship 🙂

  2. Spending time with good friends is one of life’s best moments! Memories of your grand weekend will stay with you forever. Love the ice castle!

  3. I have some GREAT pictures of you both and Dale that I will send to you once I process them after this weekend. It was fun!

  4. I’ll have to check out where exactly the ice castle is. We are heading back up there in a few weeks and might go check that one out. I can’t believe you had such a long ride home – ughhh.

    Have a great time this weekend! Hopefully no snow is headed that way.

  5. The ice castle is awesome! Good reason to go for an overnight maybe…a little ice and then the Woodstock Station for dinner…hmmm. 😉

  6. We saw the Ice Castle on the news and went “We want to go there!” Then I checked on the map for Loon and – it’s pretty far away, and the driving has been awful this winter. So I guess we’ll just look at the pretty pictures and admire the ice in our own back yard.

  7. Such fun, such fun! I SO LOVE that shot of Dale in the ice castle. (Sometimes you just have to Make the Best of It when it comes to winter and cold!)

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