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Seal Watch 2013

Of all the things we do on vacation, going to the beach is my favorite. I love to sit and chat, listen to the waves, bask in the sun, knit and occasionally swim. Sometimes, though, you need a break from the beach and one of the things we did on a beach break was go on a seal watch.

It was fantastic.

We all went, along with Kim and her family and we had the best time. We saw so many seals – a lot more than last year. And they are cute and fun to watch.

They tip their heads back – something called bottling – and actually doze off that way.

And they swim under the water and come back up and when they do they look over at the boat to make sure we are still watching and admiring them.

We saw a lot of males, with their big horse shaped heads.

And many females, too, with their more puppy like faces.

Our captain was great and gave us so much information about seals and how they spend their time. For instance, did you know that female seals are basically pregnant for their entire adult lives?

Yeah. Glad I’m not a seal.

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  1. Wow, that is SO Neat!!! They sure are special creatures! I can’t believe how strange the males look (a horse shaped head). I never knew that. You learn something new every day ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for sharing your great pictures and experience!

  2. They are just adorable … when Daisy is swimming I always think she looks like a seal! Great photos, thanks for sharing your seal watch with us!!

  3. I love seeing your pictures of the seals and learning the difference between the male and female faces. How fun to watch them sleep, swim and play all day.

  4. I have never wanted to go on a Seal Watch in fear of getting sea sick but it looks like you stayed close to shore. Maybe I could do that. They are so darn cute!

  5. OMG…glad I’m not a seal even if their faces are totally cute! What a fun way to spend part of your time at the share.

    P.S. it’s great to have you back!

  6. Seals are so beautiful. I didn’t know about the endless pregnancy thing though. Yuck. Did you see any sharks while you were on your watch???

  7. I never knew that the males and females have different shapes to their heads! Fascinating. I love trips/tours that are full of fun facts like that ๐Ÿ™‚

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